WIPO Lex-Judgments: WIPO Invites Contributions to New Database of IP Decisions

July 24, 2020

WIPO Lex-Judgments—WIPO’s new database to provide open and free-of-charge online access to judicial decisions on intellectual property (IP) from around the world—will launch in September 2020, and WIPO is inviting member states to contribute leading decisions from their courts to this global repository.

The new database has been created in response to the needs expressed by numerous judiciaries for such a resource at the international level, and it aims to contribute to the availability of and access to information and data on judicial systems and decisions on IP.

Video: Principal features of WIPO Lex-Judgments

The judicial decisions contained in the database are curated directly by the national authorities of each member state for their significance in establishing precedent or persuasive interpretations in any area of IP law. WIPO’s interface captures searchable bibliographic details for all indexed decisions, and broadens global access to foreign IP judgments by linking with automatic machine translation tools, including WIPO Translate.

As a companion to the well-established WIPO Lex database—WIPO’s free, online portal to the most comprehensive global collection of IP laws and treaties—the new database also provides cross-references to international treaties and national laws, and benefits from a multilingual interface available in six languages (English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish).

WIPO Lex–Judgments was successfully piloted with a selected number of member states in 2019, and presented at the twenty-fourth session of the Committee on Development and Intellectual Property (CDIP), as well as the 2019 WIPO Intellectual Property Judges Forum.

Member states interested in participating in WIPO Lex–Judgments are invited to contact us.