Frontier Technologies and IP: Topics and Issues

From stories, to reports, news and more, we publish content on the topics most discussed in the field of frontier technologies and intellectual property (IP).

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Charting a new era of musical creativity

Charlton Hill, Co-founder and Head of Innovation at Uncanny Valley, a Sydney-based progressive music technology company discusses the company’s ambitions to speed-up, democratize and re-shape music production through the use of artificial intelligence.

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In the Courts: Australian Court finds AI systems can be “inventors”

This decision is one of a series of test cases globally regarding the effect of AI “inventors” on the current state of patent law in certain jurisdictions.

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IP is a journey: blockchain and encrypted storage are your best friends

Marco Barulli, founder and Managing Director of in Munich, Germany, argues that digital platforms built around public blockchains and encrypted data storage can provide an effective answer to the daily needs of modern innovators and creatives.

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AI and Blockchain

Blockchain: Transforming the registration of IP rights and strengthening the protection of unregistered IP rights.

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AI and trademarks

Many commentators concentrate on the impact of AI on patent, copyright and design law, but how will it affect the way consumers buy products and services and what knock-on impact will that have on trademark law?

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The Artificial Inventor Project

In a world in which AI is playing an ever-expanding role, including in the processes of innovation and creativity, Professor Ryan Abbott considers some of the challenges that AI is posing for the IP system.

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AI: the new electricity

British-born computer scientist, Andrew Ng, leading thinker on AI, discusses the transformative power of AI, and the measures required to ensure that AI benefits everyone.

The story of AI in patents

Explore the evolution of AI through the prism of patents.

The IP behind the AI boom

AI is set to transform our lives. But what exactly is AI, and what are the techniques and applications driving innovation in this area?

Technology Trends – Artificial Intelligence

WIPO’s "Technology Trends" Study Probes Artificial Intelligence.

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Bringing AI to life

David Hanson, maker of Sophia the Robot and CEO and Founder of Hanson Robotics, shares his vision of a future built around super intelligence.

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Saudia Arabia embraces AI-driven innovation

Dr. Ahmed Al Theneyan, Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Minister of Technology, Industry and Digital Capabilities, talks about his country’s ambitions to drive innovation and economic growth using advanced digital technologies.

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Robotics, innovation and IP

Robotics and AI are breakthrough, boundary-pushing innovations. This economic research working paper analyzes how innovation in robotics is taking place, how it spreads, and what role IP plays.

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Digital intelligence at work

IP Australia has been working with leaders in the field to understand the applications of AI for IP and to develop new, more efficient ways to deliver its IP services.

Blockchain and IP

Blockchain and its possible applications are almost constant topics of discussion nowadays for businesses, policy makers, journalists, and more. How can we make the most of this technology in the IP sphere?

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AI and copyright

There are two ways in which copyright law can deal with works where human interaction is minimal or non-existent. It can deny protection for works generated by a computer or it can attribute authorship of such works to the creator of the program.