Second Session of WIPO Conversation on IP and AI: Questions and Answers

Each day has been assigned a specific topic, which is listed on the Agenda. The Agenda also refers to the relevant issues in the Revised Paper. Each day will follow the format of an opening and an introduction to the topic, followed by an open floor discussion allowing registrants to make interventions, i.e. to make a statement or raise a question.

Due to being run as a virtual meeting and in order to allow the widest possible global audience across time zones to attend, the meeting has been scheduled for only two hours each day from 13:00 to 15:00 Geneva (CET) time. It is therefore inevitable that there will be a limitation on the time for and number of interventions. To allow some flexibility, the meeting may, at the discretion of the Chair, be extended and overrun by about 30 to 60 minutes until 16:00 Geneva (CET) time.

Registration is available on the meeting website. Registrations will close on Friday, July 3, 2020.

WIPO will be using a multi-lingual virtual conferencing platform, Interprefy, to host the meeting. The platform allows registrants to participate remotely with interpretation in the six UN official languages. Registrants will be sent an email with a link and detailed joining instructions closer to the meeting date.

Live webcasting in six languages will be provided as usual via WIPO’s public website.

You can join the meeting and simply listen to the speakers and discussion.

To participate actively, e.g. to make a statement or ask a question, you must indicate that you wish to make an intervention by emailing your interest to prior to the meeting, as there is a limit to the number of active participants in the system.

Given the significant interest in the meeting and the number of registrations received to date, it is likely that more indications of interventions will be received than the timing of the meeting permits. In drawing up the list of speakers we will be guided by allowing as many different topics and points to be covered and avoiding duplicative statements as much as possible.

Preference will be given to interventions that have been notified by email to by June 23, 2020 giving details of the day(s) and issue(s) of the intervention. Further preference will be given to interventions that have been received as written copies by June 30 2020. Interventions should not be longer than 3 to 5 minutes given the limitations on the overall time of the meeting.

The speakers list will be published on the WIPO website around June 30, 2020. Please check whether you have been listed for an intervention.

Please also refer to the Procedures for further details.

All interventions make a valuable and appreciated contribution and it is important that as many views and as many stakeholders as possible are being heard as part of the WIPO Conversation on IP and AI. Consequently, WIPO will publish all written interventions received on its website and publish a summary paper following the meeting. If you do not want your written intervention to be published on the website please clearly indicate so.

There are some issues raised in the Revised Paper that are not listed for discussion in the July 7 to July 9 meeting. This reflects the inevitable compromise in the nature of the virtual meeting and timing. However, it is clear that all these topics are of equal, great relevance and the WIPO Conversation on IP and AI on these issues will continue in a Third Session in Q4, 2020. Further details will be announced soon.