TLT Notification No. 4
Trademark Law Treaty

Accession by the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

The Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) presents his compliments to the Minister for Foreign Affairs and has the honor to notify him of the deposit by the Government of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, on March 6, 1996, of its instrument of accession to the Trademark Law Treaty, done at Geneva on October 27, 1994.

The said instrument contains also the following declaration in respect of the provisions of the said Treaty mentioned below:

"(i) with reference to Article 22(1)(a) thereof, that notwithstanding Article 3(5), an application may be filed with the Office only in respect of goods or services which belong to one class of the Nice Classification.

"(ii) with reference to Article 22(1)(c) thereof, that notwithstanding Article 7(1), no application may be divided.

"(iii) with reference to Article 22(2) thereof, that notwithstanding Article 4(3)(b), a power of attorney may only relate to one application or one registration.

"(iv) with reference to Article 22(4) thereof, that notwithstanding Article 10(1)(e), (2) and (3), Article 11(1)(h) and (3) and Article 12(1)(e) and (2), a request for the recordal of a change in name and/or address, a request for the recordal of a change in ownership and a request for the correction of a mistake may only relate to one application or one registration."

The date of entry into force of the said Treaty will be notified when the required number of ratifications, acceptances, approvals, or accessions is reached in accordance with Article 20(2) of the said Treaty.

March 11, 1996