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Traditional Knowledge & Indigenous Peoples

Traditional knowledge is an important element of the intellectual and cultural heritage of indigenous peoples. It reflects their social and historical identity and significantly contributes to the future well-being and sustainable development of these peoples. In 2007, the L'auravetl'an Information & Education Network of Indigenous Peoples (LIENIP) organized a series of educational conferences, aimed at fostering greater understanding on the nature and evolution of this phenomenon and encouraging mutually beneficial relationships among representatives of indigenous communities, academia, professional entities and international organizations. This publication is comprised of several articles written for and speeches made at these events, and also includes a glossary of related concepts. It is made possible thanks to LIENIP's collaboration with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The publication is offered in English and Russian.

Publication year: 2010


World Intellectual Property Organization - An Overview (2007 Edition)

This WIPO overview explains in simple terms how WIPO works, and how it carries out its mission of promoting a balanced IP system.

Publication year: 2007


The Intellectual Property-Conscious Nation: Mapping the Path from Developing to Developed

The former Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) together with Mr. Hisamitsu Arai outline a suggested action plan for the emerging intellectual property-conscious nation which puts innovation and the creativity cycle into motion by implementing a clear development strategy into which policies of intellectual property are integrated. This book will help national and international leaders and policy makers understand how effective intellectual property policies can be a power tool for economic, social, cultural and technological development.

Publication year: 2006


Intellectual Property and Traditional Knowledge - Booklet n° 2

This is one of a series of Booklets dealing with intellectual property and genetic resources, traditional knowledge and traditional cultural expressions/folklore.

Publication year: 2005


Intellectual Property - A Power Tool for Economic Growth

Intellectual Property - A Power Tool for Economic Growth seeks to demystify intellectual Property (IP) and to explain the why and the how of the subject. Its message is that intellectual property is a "power tool" for economic development and wealth creation that is not yet being used to optimal effect in all countries, particularly in the developing world. It is a practical guide to using those intangible assets - such as knowledge, information, creativity and inventiveness - that are rapidly replacing traditional and tangible assets - such as land, labor and capital - as the driving forces of economic health and social well-being.

Publication year: 2003


At Home With Invention

In June 1999, the World Intellectual Property Organization recreated in its Information Center a kitchen, living room, and child's room of a simple apartment to illustrate how various aspects of intellectual property form a key part of day-to-day life. “At Home With Invention” ran through June, 2000, and attracted more than 18,000 visitors. This booklet is based on the exhibition.

Publication year: 2003


Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights

In this book the rationale and functions of collective management and other systems of joint exercise of rights are presented.

Publication year: 2002


Records of the Diplomatic Conference for the Adoption of a New Act of the Hague Agreement Concerning the International Deposit of Industrial Designs (Geneva Act) June 16 to July 6, 1999

The Records contain relevant documents issued before, during and after that Conference, as well as the summary minutes of the discussions and indexes to the minutes.

Publication year: 2002