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International Survey on Private Copying - Law and Practice 2016

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the Dutch collecting society for private copying remunerations, Stichting de Thuiskopie, are pleased to present the fourth joint publication on the law and practice of private copying systems around the world. The survey provides a global view of private copying compensation (also known as private copying levies), an important element of copyright and related rights infrastructure. It aims to facilitate evidence-based decision-making and to provide an update on important developments in the private copying law and practice of countries that have such an exception in their legal arsenals.

Publication year: 2017


International Survey on Text and Image Copyright Levies

2016 Edition

The third ‘International Survey of Text and Image Copyright Levies', jointly published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the International Federation of Reprographic Rights Organizations (IFRRO) builds on and updates the first two surveys published in 2014 and 2015, and analyzes the origins, scope and current use of these levies around the world, and their role in ensuring easy legal access to copyright material. The Survey also shows how and why text and image (TI) levies are different from audio and audio-visual private copying levies. As with the first two surveys, it uses data from IFRRO members, collated and presented by Paul Greenwood, a consultant, with the assistance of representatives of IFRRO members and the IFRRO Secretariat. The methodology and scope are unchanged.

Publication year: 2017


How to Make a Living in the Creative Industries

This booklet explains simply and clearly how copyright helps creative people to earn money from their original works. It is designed for people who may already work in the cultural and creative industries, or who may be contemplating a career in them, as well as for individual creators, policy makers, academics, and business support agencies working in the field. It is accessible to non-specialists or newcomers to the subject of copyright and intellectual property rights.

Publication year: 2017


WIPO Publications

Copyright and Creative Industries

This short catalogue of publications on copyright and the creative industries will help you choose from among the wealth of free materials available from WIPO. Our publications range from key international treaties to research and policy studies, practical guides for creators and business people, and explanatory briefs for the general public.

Publication year: 2017


Joining the International Copyright System: What's At Stake?

This booklet introduces the copyright treaties administered by WIPO, identifies some of the potential benefits they offer, and outlines the steps that countries need to take in order to join the international copyright system.

Publication year: 2017


¿Qué supone formar parte del sistema internacional de derecho de autor?

En el presente folleto se presentan los tratados sobre derecho de autor que administra la OMPI, se señalan algunas de las posibles ventajas que ofrecen, y se describen someramente las medidas que los países deben adoptar a fin de formar parte del sistema internacional de derecho de autor.

Publication year: 2017


Adhérer au système international du droit d'auteur : Quels enjeux?

Cette brochure présente les traités sur le droit d'auteur administrés par l'OMPI, met en exergue certains de leurs avantages potentiels et décrit les mesures que les pays doivent prendre pour adhérer au système international du droit d'auteur.

Publication year: 2017


Потенциальная выгода присоединения к международной системе авторского права

Настоящая публикация дает представление о договорах в области авторского права, административные функции которых выполняет ВОИС, и потенциальных преимуществах, которые открывают этих документы, и объясняет, какие меры следует принять странам, заинтересованным в присоединении к международной системе авторского права.

Publication year: 2017



这本手册介绍了由产权组织管理的各项版权 条约,指出了这些条约的潜在益处,并概述了 各国为加入国际版权制度需要采取的步骤。

Publication year: 2017


Управление интеллектуальной собственностью в рекламной индустрии

Творческие отрасли — брошюра № 5

В данном исследовании будут рассмотрены различные аспекты ИС, которые имеют большое значение для эффективного управления фирмами, занимающимися созданием и практическим использованием рекламного контента и кампаний.

Publication year: 2017