Each year, WIPO hosts a series of art exhibitions featuring selected artists from around the world, to highlight the link between intellectual property, art and creativity.  The exhibition space is open Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:00.

(The artists mentioned on this site have agreed to provide an image or a selection of images in electronic form as illustrations of their work.)

Forthcoming Exhibition

OID (Folake Idowu)
(October 8 - 26, 2012)

Les Amants Déshabillé La robe bleue Fille en lunettes
(copyright oid@gva)

As a predominately self-taught artist, OID enjoys using colour to give structure to her work. Most of her collections are explorations into identity and physiology, and she often uses vibrant shades to define mood. The idea of ‘confinement’ within an open space also fascinates her and has led to projects involving mixed media, photography and an experimental approach to the subject-matter. Though her paintings are not traditional to her African roots, she believes the latter is the nucleus of her creative process.

Patricia Bifani-Richard
(May 7 - 25, 2012)

Oiseau bleu huile sur toile bis Flores y peces rotos 1 Et la terre treme 1 Le ciel et l'eau huile sur toile

“Patricia Bifani-Richard"Chilean born artist, she is also sociologist and psychologist. Patricia Bifani- Richard started to study sculpture while a teenager. Life and professional work has led her to live in diverse continents, particularly Latin America, Africa and Europe, where she worked and raised her children. While in The Netherland she learned lithography and engraving and continue working in sculpture at the Free Academy of Den Hague. Passionate by colour, she gets her inspiration in nature, music and dance. She works from her home in France and exhibits regularly in France, Switzerland, Kenya and Italy."

Past Exhibitions

Jamaican Perspectives in Clay & Colour (Permanent Mission of Jamaica, Geneva)
(November 2011)
Brochure PDF, Brochure, Jamaican Perspective in Clay & Colour

(Photos: WIPO/E. Berrod)

WIPO hosted an exhibition showcasing the work of two talented Jamaican artists - Michael Escoffery and Gene Pearson – in November 2011. The opening of the exhibition also featured a performance of Caribbean music by Alexia Gardner and her accompanying band.

Anthy Ioannidès
(October 10 - 28, 2011)

Born in Rome in 1965 and native of Cyprus, Anthy Ioannidès always has been captivated by photography. This passion led her to study art history at the Paris based Ecole du Louvre where she graduated from in. She then spent several years in Art Direction, spearheading various advertising and graphic design projects. Driven by her attraction for color and light, her work then focused on argentic photography. Always eager to cultivate her creativity she then uncovered the fascinating world of digital photography. Her current projects are inspired by the theme of dream. As Montaigne once said, "dreams are a creation of the imagination in the waking state," these " landscape dreams " will reveal this.

Marissa González
(March 8 - 25, 2011)

"Chairs and the Art of Waiting".

Marissa González, a Philippine artist, will present her jusi hand-painted wall hangings. Jusi is the term used for the unique fabric woven in the Philippines from silk and pineapple fibers. When embroidered, Jusi is the material used for Philippine formal wear for both men and women. By using it, Marissa Gonzalez pays tribute to Philippine materia prima and explores other non-traditional uses for Jusi.

Georges Folmer 1895-1977
(October 20 - November 19, 2010)

Painting by Georges Folmer Sculpture by Georges Folmer Painting by Georges Folmer

Après une formation académique pluridisciplinaire à l’Ecoles des Beaux-arts de Nancy puis de Genève, Folmer s’inscrit dès 1926, dans le sillage du constructiviste Félix DEL MARLE.  Dans les années 30 Folmer exprime un cubisme géométrique où il introduit la section d’or et dès sa rencontre avec Auguste HERBIN, en 1932, il s’applique à l’élimination du sujet.  La décennie 40/50 témoigne avec ses dessins monotypes à l’encre et ses bois polychromes d’une abstraction aboutie.  En 1945 il participe à la fondation du Salon des Réalités Nouvelles dont il deviendra le Secrétaire Général.  En 1951 il signe le Manifeste du Groupe Espace, et plaide pour l’introduction de l’abstraction géométrique à l’Architecture. En 1960 il est Président-Fondateur du Groupe MESURE qui réunit les grands noms de l’abstraction géométrique : GORIN, NEMOURS, FRUHTRUNK, DI TEANA…

Il introduit le mouvement et le relief dans ses œuvres et réalise des vastes mosaïques en extérieur. Les œuvres de FOLMER sont présentes dans les Musées : Beaubourg Centre Pompidou, MAM de la Ville de Paris, GRENOBLE, CERET, NANCY, RENNES, MONTBELIARD et chez de grands collectionneurs en Allemagne, aux Etats-Unis, en Italie, au Royaume Uni, en Suisse.

Makiko Takei
(June 7 - 25, 2010)

Painting by Makiko Takei Painting by Makiko Takei

Makiko Takei est calligraphe, comédienne et danseuse traditionnelle japonaise.
Élève de Jacques Lecoq, elle a dirigé la Compagnie de théâtre Tanoshi à Paris jusqu'au 2005. Aujourd'hui, en tant que calligraphe, elle est représentante du Centre de calligraphie japonaise à Paris ; elle suit le travail de ses élèves et expose ses calligraphies et ses peintures à l’encre à Paris, en Inde et en Angleterre.

Renée Niklan
(May 4 - 28, 2010)

Painting by Renée Niklan Painting by Renée Niklan Painting by Renée Niklan

Artist Renée Niklan was born in Turkey in 1936.  At the age of 23 she was taught by the Turkish master Sabri Berkel, who played a significant role in modernizing and introducing Turkish art to an international audience.  In 1962, Renée embarked on a 15-year career in the fashion world but in 1983 she returned to the world of art.  She is an acclaimed artist who has exhibited her work in the world’s major art capitals.

(March 11 - 26, 2010)

eloah_1 eloah_2 eloah_3

"A mi-chemin entre une approche intellectuelle de formes en mouvement, qui pourrait nous laisser devant une peinture tout à fait abstraite, et une approche sentimentale des couleurs, qui pourrait nous rappeler une sorte d’expressionisme, Eloah, dans ses toiles, semble paradoxalement dire très peu d’elle-même pour plutôt exprimer avec fougue les forces secrètes des choses et l’élan vital qui se cache partout derrière les apparences du réel. " Jacques Popier

Carlos Mayorga
(February 1 - 19, 2010)
Painting by Carlos Mayorga Painting by Carlos Mayorga Painting by Carlos Mayorga

ROUGE” by Stéphane Blanchard – France
(October 12 to 31, 2009)

Victoria Menezes Miller (artist)
Mark Miller (photographer)
(August 24 to September 18, 2009)

ALSABA Djamila H.ML. Liniger-Strauss
(July 16 to 31, 2009)