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U.S. Extends Lead in International Patent and Trademark Filings (PR/2016/788)

The United States of America (U.S.) extended its long-standing position as the top source of international patent applications via WIPO amid another strong year of worldwide intellectual property (IP) filing growth, as an electronics manufacturer displaced a watch maker as the leading depositor of international industrial design applications.

WIPO Re:Search Welcomes Institut Pasteur as Consortium Surpasses 100 Members (PR/2016/787)

WIPO Re:Search has now surpassed 100 members and is just shy of 100 agreements to share intellectual property in the fight against neglected tropical diseases, tuberculosis and malaria - both significant milestones for the consortium as it heads into its fifth full year of operation.

Director General Francis Gurry Opens WIPO Assemblies (PR/2015/781)

WIPO Director General Francis Gurry opened the WIPO Assemblies by saying that increasing interest in intellectual property is driving uptake of WIPO’s global IP systems and resulting in a healthy financial state for the Organization.

Global Innovation Index 2015: Switzerland, UK, Sweden, Netherlands, USA are Leaders (PR/2015/780)

Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Sweden, the Netherlands and the United States of America are the world’s five most innovative nations, according to the Global Innovation Index 2015 PDF, 2015 Global Innovation Index, while China, Malaysia, Viet Nam, India, Jordan, Kenya, and Uganda are among a group of countries outperforming their economic peers.