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PCT Contracting States for which a Regional Patent can be Obtained via the PCT

(situation on 30 April 2015)

  States for which only a regional patent can be obtained (and not a national patent): States for which a regional patent can be obtained in addition to, or instead of, a national patent States not included in regional designation but to which a regional patent can be extended or validated

AP    ARIPO patent

SZ    Swaziland BW    Botswana
GH    Ghana
GM    Gambia
KE    Kenya
LR    Liberia
LS    Lesotho
MW   Malawi
MZ    Mozambique
NA    Namibia
RW  Rwanda
SD   Sudan
SL    Sierra Leone
ST    Sao Tome and Principe1
TZ    United Republic of Tanzania
UG   Uganda
ZM    Zambia
ZW   Zimbabwe
Not applicable
EA    Eurasian patent Not applicable AM    Armenia
AZ    Azerbaijan
BY    Belarus
KG   Kyrgyzstan
KZ    Kazakhstan
RU   Russian Federation
TJ    Tajikistan
TM   Turkmenistan
Not applicable
EP    European patent BE    Belgium
CY    Cyprus
FR    France
GR   Greece
IE     Ireland
IT     Italy
LT   Lithuania
LV    Latvia
MC  Monaco
МТ   Malta
NL   Netherlands
SI    Slovenia
AL    Albania
AT    Austria
BG   Bulgaria
CH   Switzerland
CZ    Czech Republic
DE    Germany
DK    Denmark
EE    Estonia
ES    Spain
FI      Finland
GB   United Kingdom
HR   Croatia
HU   Hungary
IS     Iceland
LI     Liechtenstein
LU   Luxembourg
MK   The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
NO   Norway
PL    Poland
PT    Portugal
RO   Romania
RS   Serbia
SE   Sweden
SK   Slovakia
SM   San Marino
TR   Turkey
BA    Bosnia and Herzegovina2
ME   Montenegro2
MA   Morocco3
OA    OAPI patent BF    Burkina Faso
BJ    Benin
CF   Central African Republic
CG   Congo
CI     Côte d’Ivoire
CM   Cameroon
GA   Gabon
GN   Guinea
GQ   Equatorial Guinea
GW   Guinea-Bissau
KM   Comoros4
ML    Mali
MR   Mauritania
NE    Niger
SN   Senegal
TD   Chad
TG   Togo
Not applicable  


  1. For international applications filed on or after 19 August 2014.
  2. For information about requesting the extension of a European patent to these States:  see the PCT Applicant’s Guide, Introduction to the International Phase, paragraphs 4.026 and 5.054, and National Chapter (EP).
  3. A request for validation of a European patent in Morocco may be made for any international application filed on or after 1 March 2015.  For further information on the validation system, see:
  4. For international applications filed on or after 25 May 2013.

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