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Client version – June 13, 2014

This is a full installation for the PCT-SAFE client. It can be used to upgrade previous versions of the PCT-SAFE client or to effect a completely new installation. For the installation, local administrator rights are required. After installation no special access rights are required for using the software.

Important: The PCT-SAFE Client will run on Microsoft Windows® XP/Vista/7/8. It is intended for use on standalone PCs and has not been designed for server installation or for virtual environments.


Download software (approximately 126 MB)

  • Release notes PDF, PCT-Safe Client version release notes | What's new? PDF, PCT-Safe Client version, what's new?
Certificates: Applicants wishing to submit an international application on-line need a digital certificate.


  • Download the installation file pct-safe-3.51.063-bin.exe.
  • Export any form or address book data to a location outside the C:\PCT-SAFE folder as a backup.
  • Ensure that PCT-SAFE is not running.
  • Run the pct-safe-3.51.063-bin.exe from the local drive, using the same installation destination directory (C:\PCT-SAFE) as the previous installation (if any).
  • The previous installation will be overwritten.
  • During the installation, when prompted, accept the update of the demo and production databases.
  • During the installation, when prompted, 'overwrite all' existing fee schedules.
  • At the end of the installation restart the computer.

Minimum system requirements

  • Computer processor: 600MHz; available hard disk space: 1GB; RAM: 256 MB
  • Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader, from version 7.x, or other PDF viewer software
  • Internet connection (for the purposes of online transmission)
  • Floppy disk drive: 3 1/2 inch disk drive (for PCT-EASY request form data and abstract or, if accepted by the receiving Office, fully electronic applications)
  • CD or DVD writer and software (for fully electronic PCT-SAFE applications filed on physical medium and for saving PCT-EASY request form data and abstract, if accepted by the RO).

Client version – April 17, 2014

Download software (approximately 126 MB)

  • What's new? PDF, PCT-Safe Client version, what's new?


  • PCT-SAFE Editor (PSE) - an optional tool used to prepare the application body (description, claims, abstract, drawings) in XML format.

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