Patent Landscape Reports by Other Organizations

The following patent landscape reports - published by international organizations, national intellectual property offices, non-governmental organizations and private sector entities - are freely available or can be obtained upon request, either free of charge or for a fee.

This list, compiled by WIPO, is not exhaustive and we are continuing to extend it. Please contact us with any recommendations you may have for other reports to be included.


WIPO Patent Landscape Reports

Other resources related to patent landscapes

Title Source Language
National Patent Landscape of the Republic of Moldova (national statistics) State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova Romanian, English, Russian
Patent Watching Publications Brazilian National Institute of Industrial Property Portuguese
Technology Bulletins Colombian Superintendency of Industry and Commerce Spanish
Technology Patent Maps Japan Patent Office Japanese
Technology Alerts and Technology Surveillance Service Mexican Institute of Industrial Property Spanish
Patents in the public domain in Chile National Institute of Intellectual Property of Chile (InapiProyecta) English, Spanish
Technology Watch Bulletins Spanish Patent and Trademark Office Spanish
Technology Alerts National Institute of Intellectual Property of Chile (InapiProyecta) Spanish