PATENTSCOPE® Graphics: New Feature of PATENTSCOPE® Search Service

May 22, 2007

A new feature has been added to the PATENTSCOPE® Search Service – the ability to view your search results in graphical format.

The new feature is found on the search results page after searching using the Structured, Simple or Advanced Search. Simply click on the graphics icon  pctdb_07_0003_1 at the top of the list of search results (next to the  pctdb_07_0003_2 icon).

The search results are presented as four graphical charts organised by year of publication, country of origin, applicant name and IPC subclass. Graphics can be generated quickly for the results of any search.

Technical Notes

PATENTSCOPE® Graphics is supported and has been tested in Internet Explorer version 6 or later, Firefox version 1.5 or later or any compatible web browser.

Please note that the feature extracts and downloads large volumes of data from the PATENTSCOPE® database to your local computer. For this reason, it may take several seconds to display the graphics, and the system is limited to displaying 20,000 results.