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Guidelines and Manuals of National/Regional Patent Offices

The formalities and substantive requirements for filing patent applications and for granting patents vary from one country or region to the other. The following list provides links to guidelines and manuals of national/regional patent offices.

National/Regional Office Guidelines and manuals
Algeria Guide pour l’élaboration d’une description d’invention (French only)
Argentina Directrices sobre Patentamiento (Spanish only)
Australia Manual of Practice and Procedure
Austria Richtlinien zur Bearbeitung von Patentanmeldungen (Guidelines for Patent Examination - German only)
Bulgaria General information on patents and utility models protection in Bulgaria (Bulgarian only) Patents and utility models: procedure (Bulgarian only) Patents and utility models: forms (Bulgarian only)
Canada Manual of Patent Office Practice (MOPOP) / Recueil des pratiques du Bureau des brevets (RPBB)
Chile Guía de Usuario Patentes 3i: Inventor-investigador e innovador (User guide to inventor, researcher and innovator patents – Spanish only) Manual del inventor (Inventor’s manual – Spanish only) Aspectos a considerar al presentar una solicitud de patente (Points to be taken into account when filing a patent application – Spanish only) Guía del Usuario, Tratado de Cooperación en materia de Patentes (PCT), INAPI como Oficina Receptora (User guide, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), INAPI as receiving office – Spanish only) Guía para el examen de patentes: Suficiencia en la descripción (Patent examination guide: Sufficient disclosure – Spanish only) Guía para el examen de patentes: Novedad (Patent examination guide: Novelty – Spanish only) Guía para el examen de patentes: Nivel inventivo (Patent examination guide: Inventive step – Spanish only) Guía para el examen de patentes: Aplicación industrial (Patent examination guide: Industrial applicability – Spanish only)
China Examination Guidelines English / Chinese
Colombia Guía patentes (Guide for Applicants - Spanish only)
Croatia Guidelines for Patent Search and Examination Guidelines for Patent Search and Examination (Croatian)
Czech Republic General information - patents   General information - utility models   Guidelines  (Czech only)
Denmark Guide for filling in the Patent Application form Guidelines for patents (Danish only)
Egypt Manual for Filing Patent Application (Arabic only)
Finland Patenttikäsikirja (Guidelines for Search and Examination - Finnish only)  Opas patentinhakijalle (Guide for Patent Applicants - Finnish only)  Guide för patentsökande (Guide for Patent Applicants - Swedish only)  Applying for a Patent in Finland
France Directives examen demande de brevets
Germany General information: Patent Protection Guidelines for the Examination Procedure (P 2796.1) Merkblatt für die Hinterlegung von biologischem Material für die Zwecke von Patent-und Gebrauchsmusterverfahren (X1200) (Information for the deposit of biological material for the purpose of patent and utility model procedures – German only) Information for Patent Applicants (P 2791.1) All related documents are available.
Greece Guidelines on How to Acquire Patents, Patents of Addition (PoA) and Utility Model Certificates (UMC) (2001) Guidelines to applicants (2011 – Greek only)
Hungary General information on patenting procedures   Guidelines for patent examination (Hungarian only)
India Manual of Patent Practice and Procedure
Ireland How to apply for a patent
Israel Notes for applicants from overseas for patents in Israel (2003)
Japan Examination Guidelines for Patent and Utility Model in Japan
Lithuania Rules on filing, examination of patent applications and grant of patents  (Lithuanian only)
Mexico Guía del usuario (Applicant’s Guide - Spanish only)
New Zealand Patent Protection Guidelines
Norway General information on patents Retningslinjer for saksbehandlere (Guidelines for Search and Examination – Norwegian only)
Philippines The Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations for Patents, Utility Models And Industrial Designs (March 1, 2012) Examination Guidelines for Pharmaceutical Patent Applications Involving Known Substances (February 15, 2012)
Poland How to patent an invention or protect a utility model (Polish only) Guidance inventor. Application procedures in the national, European, international law (Polish only) Inventions of small and medium-sized enterprises (Polish only) Guidance inventor. Methods of examination of the patentability of inventions and utility models (Polish only)
Republic of Korea Patent Examination Guidelines
Republic of Moldova Information on patents
Romania The Patent Applicant’s Guide
Slovakia Instruction of the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic
South Africa General information
Spain Manual del solicitante (Applicant’s manual – Spanish only – February 2012) Directrices de examen de la solicitud de patentes (Patent application examination guidelines – Spanish only – October 2006) Modelo de Utilidad, Manual del solicitante (Utility Model Applicant’s manual – Spanish only) CCP´s, Instrucciones (Supplementary protection certificates (SPCs) – Spanish only) Diseño Industrial Nacional, Manual del solicitante (National Industrial Design Applicant’s manual – Spanish only) Directrices Procedimiento Concesión de Diseños Industriales (Procedural Guidelines concerning the Grant of Industrial Designs – Spanish only) Patente Europea: Manual (European Patent Manual – Spanish only – July 2012) La protección internacional de las Invenciones (PCT), Manual (International protection of inventions (PCT) Manual – Spanish only – July 2012)
Sweden Lagar och regler (Swedish regulations – Swedish only)
Switzerland Richtlinien für die Sachprüfung der nationalen Patentanmeldungen / Directives relatives à l'examen quant au fond de demandes de brevet nationales (Guidelines for substantive examination of national patents – German and French only)
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Protection Procedure for Patents
United Kingdom Work Manuals Manual of Patent Practice   Examination Guidelines for Patent Applications relating to Biotechnological Inventions Examination Guidelines for Patent Applications relating to Medical Inventions Formalities Manual Hearings Manual Litigation Manual Opinions manual
United States of America Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP)
EAPO How to Get a Eurasian Patent
EPO Guide for Applicants / Guide du déposant Case Law and Appeals / Jurisprudence et recours
OAPI Guide du déposant (Guide for Applicants – French only)

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