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San Marino

Copyright Offices

Competent administrationDirectorate of Economic and Social Affairs
Department of External Affairs

Palazzo Begni-Belluzzi
47031 San Marino

Telephone(378) 549 88 22 01
Telefax(378) 549 99 20 18
Title and name of headDirector of Economic and Social Affairs/Directeur des affaires économiques et sociales: Ms. Savina Zafferani
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs /Secrétaire d'état des affaires étrangères et politiques: Ms. Antonella Mularoni

Industrial Property Offices

Competent administrationDepartment of External Affairs
State Office for Patents and Trademarks
Web site address

Via 28 Luglio, 212
47893 Borgo Maggiore
Republic of San Marino

Telephone(378) 0549 88 29 82
Telefax(378) 0549 88 38 56
Title and name of headDirectrice / Director / Direttore: Ms. Silvia Rossi

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