World Intellectual Property Organization

Assemblies of the Member States of WIPO: Fifty-Fifth Series of Meetings

October 5 to October 14, 2015

General Statements (Item 5 of the agenda)

Disclaimer: All statements on this page have been provided by delegations and should be checked against delivery. General statements delivered at the plenary session can be consulted at the Assemblies webcasting page. The official version of each statement is the one included in the report adopted by the Assemblies.

A/55/AFGRPStatement of the African Group (by the Delegation of Nigeria)EnglishStatement of the African Group (by the Delegation of Nigeria), Complete document (pdf)
A/55/ASPACStatement of the Asia Pacific Group (ASPAC) (by the Delegation of India)EnglishStatement of the Asia Pacific Group (ASPAC) (by the Delegation of India), Complete document (pdf)
A/55/CACEECStatement of the Caucasian Central Asian and Eastern European Countries (CACEEC) (by the Delegation of Belarus)RussianStatement of the Caucasian  Central Asian and Eastern European Countries (CACEEC) (by the Delegation of Belarus), Complete document (pdf)
A/55/CHNStatement of ChinaEnglishStatement of China, Complete document (pdf)
ChineseStatement of China, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/GROUP BStatement of Group B (by the Delegation of Japan)EnglishStatement of Group B (by the Delegation of Japan), Complete document (pdf)
A/55/GRULACStatement of the Group of Latin American and Caribbean States (GRULAC) (by the Delegation of Brazil)EnglishStatement of the Group of Latin American and Caribbean States (GRULAC) (by the Delegation of Brazil), Complete document (pdf)
A/55/ASEANStatement of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) (by the Delegation of Brunei Darussalam)EnglishStatement of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) (by the Delegation of Brunei Darussalam), Complete document (pdf)
A/55/LDCSStatement of the Group of Least Developed Countries (LDCs) (by the Delegation of Benin)FrenchStatement of the Group of Least Developed Countries (LDCs) (by the Delegation of Benin), Complete document (pdf)
A/55/ALBStatement of AlbaniaEnglishStatement of Albania, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/ANBStatement of Antigua and BarbudaEnglishStatement of Antigua and Barbuda, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/AUTStatement of AustriaEnglishStatement of Austria, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/AZEStatement of AzerbaijanEnglishStatement of Azerbaijan, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/BANStatement of BangladeshEnglishStatement of Bangladesh, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/BBRStatement of BarbadosEnglishStatement of Barbados, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/BOTStatement of BotswanaEnglishStatement of Botswana, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/BRNStatement of Brunei DarussalamEnglishStatement of Brunei Darussalam, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/BULStatement of BulgariaEnglishStatement of Bulgaria, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/BURStatement of Burkina FasoFrenchStatement of Burkina Faso, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/CAMStatement of CambodiaEnglishStatement of Cambodia, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/CANStatement of CanadaFrenchDéclaration générale du Canada, Complete document (pdf)
EnglishStatement of Canada, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/CHLStatement of ChileSpanishStatement of Chile, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/COLStatement of ColombiaSpanishStatement of Colombia, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/CROStatement of CroatiaEnglishStatement of Croatia, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/CUBStatement of CubaSpanishStatement of Cuba, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/CZEStatement of the Czech RepublicEnglishStatement of the Czech Republic, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/DEKStatement of the Democratic People's Republic of KoreaEnglishStatement of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/DENStatement of DenmarkEnglishStatement of Denmark, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/EGYStatement of EgyptArabicStatement of Egypt, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/ENQStatement of Equatorial GuineaSpanishStatement of Equatorial Guinea, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/GAMStatement of GambiaEnglishStatement of Gambia, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/GEOStatement of GeorgiaEnglishStatement of Georgia, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/GERStatement of GermanyEnglishStatement of Germany, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/GHAStatement of GhanaEnglishStatement of Ghana, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/GUAStatement of GuatemalaSpanishStatement of Guatemala, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/GUIStatement of GuineaFrenchStatement of Guinea, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/GWBStatement of Guinea-BissauFrenchStatement of Guinea-Bissau, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/HOLStatement of the Holy SeeEnglishStatement of the Holy See, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/HONStatement of HondurasSpanishStatement of Honduras, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/HUNStatement of HungaryEnglishStatement of Hungary, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/ICLStatement of IcelandEnglishStatement of Iceland, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/INDStatement of IndiaEnglishStatement of India, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/IRNStatement of Iran (Islamic Republic of)EnglishStatement of Iran (Islamic Republic of), Complete document (pdf)
A/55/ITAStatement of ItalyEnglishStatement of Italy, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/JPNStatement of JapanEnglishStatement of Japan, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/KENStatement of KenyaEnglishStatement of Kenya, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/KYGStatement of KyrgyzstanEnglishStatement of Kyrgyzstan, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/LESStatement of LesothoEnglishStatement of Lesotho, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/LIBStatement of LiberiaEnglishStatement of Liberia, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/MDGStatement of MadagascarFrenchStatement of Madagascar, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/MLAStatement of MalawiEnglishStatement of Malawi, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/MLIStatement of MaliFrenchStatement of Mali, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/MLYStatement of MalaysiaEnglishStatement of Malaysia, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/MNGStatement of MontenegroEnglishStatement of Montenegro, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/NAMStatement of NamibiaEnglishStatement of Namibia, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/NEZStatement of New ZealandEnglishStatement of New Zealand, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/NICStatement of NicaraguaSpanishStatement of Nicaragua, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/NIGStatement of NigerFrenchStatement of Niger, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/NIRStatement of NigeriaEnglishStatement of Nigeria, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/NORStatement of NorwayEnglishStatement of Norway, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/OMNStatement of OmanArabicStatement of Oman, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/PANStatement of PanamaSpanishStatement of Panama, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/PARStatement of ParaguaySpanishStatement of Paraguay, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/PHLStatement of the PhilippinesEnglishStatement of the Philippines, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/POLStatement of PolandEnglishStatement of Poland, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/ROKStatement of the Republic of KoreaEnglishStatement of the Republic of Korea, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/ROMStatement of the Republic of MoldovaEnglishStatement of the Republic of Moldova, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/SAMStatement of San MarinoFrenchStatement of San Marino, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/SDAStatement of Saudi ArabiaArabicStatement of Saudi Arabia, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/SEBStatement of SerbiaEnglishStatement of Serbia, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/SEYStatement of SeychellesEnglishStatement of Seychelles, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/SILStatement of Sierra LeoneEnglishStatement of Sierra Leone, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/SINStatement of SingaporeEnglishStatement of Singapore, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/SLKStatement of SlovakiaEnglishStatement of Slovakia, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/SOAStatement of South AfricaEnglishStatement of South Africa, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/SRLStatement of Sri LankaEnglishStatement of Sri Lanka, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/SUDStatement of SudanArabicStatement of Sudan, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/SWAStatement of SwazilandEnglishStatement of Swaziland, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/SWEStatement of SwedenEnglishStatement of Sweden, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/SWIStatement of SwitzerlandFrenchStatement of Switzerland, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/SYRStatement of the Syrian Arab RepublicArabicStatement of the Syrian Arab Republic, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/THAStatement of ThailandEnglishStatement of Thailand, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/TOGStatement of TogoFrenchStatement of Togo, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/TTOStatement of Trinidad and TobagoEnglishStatement of Trinidad and Tobago, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/TUNStatement of TunisiaArabicStatement of Tunisia, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/TURStatement of TurkeyEnglishStatement of Turkey, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/TUSStatement of TurkmenistanRussianStatement of Turkmenistan, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/UGAStatement of UgandaEnglishStatement of Uganda, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/UKRStatement of UkraineRussianStatement of Ukraine, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/UNEStatement by the United Arab EmiratesArabicStatement by the United Arab Emirates, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/URTStatement of the United Republic of TanzaniaEnglishStatement of the United Republic of Tanzania, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/USAStatement of the United States of AmericaEnglishStatement of the United States of America, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/ZMBStatement of ZambiaEnglishStatement of Zambia, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/ZWEStatement of ZimbabweEnglishStatement of Zimbabwe, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/AIPOStatement of the African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI)FrenchStatement of the African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI), Complete document (pdf)
A/55/ARIPOStatement of the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO)EnglishStatement of the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO), Complete document (pdf)
A/55/AUNStatement of the African UnionEnglishStatement of the African Union, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/LASStatement of the League of Arab States (LAS)ArabicStatement of the League of Arab States (LAS), Complete document (pdf)
A/55/SCTRStatement of the South CentreEnglishStatement of the South Centre, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/IISStatement of the Innovation InsightsEnglishStatement of the Innovation Insights, Complete document (pdf)
A/55/IPAStatement of the International Publishers Association (IPA)EnglishStatement of the International Publishers Association (IPA), Complete document (pdf)
A/55/TWNStatement of the Third World Network (TWN)EnglishStatement of the Third World Network (TWN), Complete document (pdf)

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