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Mark Isherwood

Mark Isherwood spent 18 years working for the MCPS-PRS Alliance. Mark was one of the original founders of Rightscom, a UK based consulting firm focused on intellectual property rights management issues, encompassing commercial rights negotiations and the design and deployment of business, technology and process solutions for the management, protection and trading of intellectual property rights and content in the network environment.

He has worked with major record companies and rights societies in the analysis of their system requirements in the management of digital music and participated in a project examining the intellectual property rights (IPR) consequences of using Creative Commons. Rightscom acts as the secretariat to DDEX developing digital supply chain standards for the exchange of information relating to the management of digital content and rights.

In February 2010 Mark was appointed as the facilitator of the GRD Working Group focused on the development of a global repertoire database for musical works and is currently involved in that group’s stakeholder engagement and scoping study.