Andres Guadamuz

Andres Guadamuz is Vice President at Innova Technology, a software firm in Costa Rica. He is also Associate Director of the SCRIPT Centre for Intellectual Property Studies and Technologies at the University of Edinburgh, where he has also served as Lecturer in Electronic Commerce Law. He has a law degree and an LL.M. in International Commercial Law at the University of Hull, and an M. Phil from Queen's University of Belfast.

Andres has worked as an international consultant for the World Intellectual Property Organization and is currently the representative to the same body for Creative Commons, an NGO dedicated to copyright licensing issues. His main research areas are open licensing subjects.

Andres Just published a book entitled "Technology Transfer, Open Licensing and Developing Countries" with the German publisher Lambert Academic Publishing, and is to publish another book entitled "Networks, Complexity and Internet Regulation" with the British publisher Edward Elgar.