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Nic Garnett

Nic Garnett is a London-based digital media lawyer and business consultant. He is currently acting for a number of clients in the digital content space including a New York based venture which is preparing to launch a highly innovative digital music service globally in the near future.

Nic previously ran his own business consultancy for 7 years in the digital media space in Mountain View, California. There he advised numerous start ups and established businesses in rights management strategies. Former clients include InterTrust, AOL, Trident Capital, Virtual Venue Networks, UrfiIez, IFPI and numerous others.

Nic is a former SVP at InterTrust Technologies in Santa Clara, a leading developer of DRM technology. He has also worked extensively in China, Japan and elsewhere in South East Asia on rights management and enforcement. Nic was the Director General and CEO of IFPI from 1992 to 1999 and before that, IFPI's Regional Director for South East Asia, based in Singapore and Hong Kong.