Photo of C. Trevor Clarke  

C. Trevor Clarke

C. Trevor Clarke is an Engineer by profession and has held executive positions in the field of telecommunications – an industry sector in which he has spent 40 years. He completed a Masters of Law degree (LLM) in the Law of Information Technology, covering legal and regulatory issues relevant to the internet, intellectual property, e-commerce and multilateral trade in services.

He served as a director of several private and public companies in Barbados.

In six years as Barbados’ Ambassador in Geneva Mr. Clarke has held the chairmanship of three regular committees in the WTO and for a short period he chaired the Special Session of the Council for TRIPS.

In WIPO, he chaired the Provisional Committee on Proposals Related to a WIPO Development Agenda (PCDA) which led to the establishment of the Committee on Development and Intellectual Property (CDIP).

In December 2009, Mr. Clarke joined WIPO as an Assistant Director General with responsibility for the Culture and Creative Industries Sector.