Themes and Topics 

Theme 1

The Challenge Facing Universities and Research Institutions in Creating, Owning and Exploiting Intellectual Property

Topic 1: Defining and Implementing IP Policies to Protect Research Results and Promote Equitable Collaborations;
Topic 2 : Defining the Objectives of Academic Technology Transfer and Gaining Public Support for the Mission of the University.  

Theme 2  

The Challenge of Creating Rich Innovation Infrastructure that Supports Universities and Research Institutions

Topic 1: Making the IP System Serve Universities and Research Institutions; 
Topic 2: Creating Favorable Technology Transfer from Universities and Research Institutions to the Private Sector; 
Topic 3: Training Core Professionals for Universities and Research Institutions to Engage in IP Asset Management;  

Theme 3  

Funding New Technologies: From Research to Development to Commercialization 

Topic 1: Securing and Sustaining Public Funding for Basic and Applied R&D; 
Topic 2: How to Sustain Growth and Funding for Research and Development of New Technologies; 
Topic 3: Engaging the Investment Community in New Technologies and IP.