Speakers: Narendra B. Zaveri

Mr. Narendra B. Zaveri is a practising advocate from India with 45 years standing. He is also a visiting faculty for Post Graduate (LL.M) class for Patent Law at the Mumbai University. He has also been a Legal Advisor to Indian Drug Manufacturers Association (IDMA) and some of Indian Drug manufacturers.

Mr. Zaveri is author of - "Patents for Medicine", published by IDMA in June 1998; and of "Doha to Delhi - a retreat on Health Care" published in December 2001. His book - "Patents for Future - Future for mankind - Future for inventor & owner - Future for science & technology", provides a comprehensive study of possible options available under TRIPS Agreement particularly for developing countries.

Mr. Zaveri has written and submitted many papers on different aspects of the subject to the Government, Parliamentary Committees, and participated at Conferences on the subject organized by NGOs in India. Some of his suggestions have been accepted in the Patents Amendment Acts of 2002 & 2005.