Speakers: Leonardo Burlamaqui

Mr. Leonardo Burlamaqui currently holds academic appointments as a Professor and Research Director of the Law and Economics Program at the Candido Mendes University an Associate Professor of Economics at the State University of Rio de Janeiro, also in Rio. He also serves as one of the two Coordinators of the Ford Foundation-funded Research and Learning Network on Globalization and Development, initiated in 2005. Mr. Burlamaqui’s career as an academic development economist and policy researcher includes spells at WIDER (the World Institute for Development Economics Research) in Helsinki, the Institute for Developing Economies in Tokyo, and the Centre for Development and the Environment at the University of Oslo. He is a Board member of the Schumpeter Society and The Other Canon Foundation. His PhD in Economics was awarded by the Federal University in Rio with a dissertation on the role of the State and of Schumpeterian Competition in Promoting Industrialization and Structural Change with a special case study of the Japanese Economy. Mr. Burlamaqui has written and published widely on Innovation and Competition, Development Economics, Intellectual Property Rights, Globalization and Institutional Change, and the Political Economy of Global Trade and Finance.

His books include Organized Capitalism in Japan (IPEA/CEPAL, co-authored with Maria da Conceição Tavares and Ernani Torres) and Institutions and the Role of State (E. Elgar ,co-edited with Ana Célia Castro and Ha-Joon Chang ). His latest publications include the essay Banking and the Financing of Development: A Schumpeterian and Minskyian perspective, co-authored with Jan Kregel, in Re-imagining Growth: Toward a Renewal of the Idea of Development, edited by Gary Dimsky and Silvana DePaula and published by Zed Press 2005 (UK), the essay Innovation, Competition and Financial Fragility in Economic Development, also co-authored with Jan Kregel, and to appear in the Brazilian Journal of Political Economy in its autumn issue of 2005. His forthcoming publications include the book Schumpeter’s Capitalism – Evolutionary Economics, Economic Sociology and Competition in Politics (Contracted with Edward Elgar for 2006) and "How should Competition Policies and Intellectual Property Interact in a Globalised World - A Schumpeterian Perspective – ? (To be published in the Journal Globalization and Technology edited by Harvard University Press).