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IP Statistics Data Collection

Below are the WIPO Industrial Property Statistics data collection questionnaires for calendar year 2012.  These questionnaires contain instructions, however, more information on completing them is available in the detailed Explanatory Notes . Please complete and return all questionnaires that apply to your office by June 30, 2013 We would like to point out that these questionnaires have been slightly revised compared to those in previous years.

With regard to trademarks, some offices have a single-class application system in which one application must be filed for each class specified. Other offices, however, have a multiple class system that enables applicants to file an application in which one or more classes can be specified. In order to improve international comparability between offices having either single-class or multiple class filing, we  kindly request that special attention be given to completing the Class data in the trademark questionnaires.
Concerning the industrial design questionnaires, we ask offices that permit an application or registration to contain muliple designs to specify the number of designs contained in applications and registrations so we may better compare application and registration activity of these offices with those that require the filing of a separate application per design.
There are two options for preparing and submitting data as follows:

1. Submission of data in spreadsheet format (complete set of 25 spreadsheet tables contained in a zip file)

A complete set of spreadsheet tables (Patents, Utility Models, Trademarks,  Industrial Designs and Plant Varieties) can be downloaded for completion in one click  [ZIP 2012]

2. Submission of data in spreadsheet format (individual spreadsheet tables)

Individual spreadsheet tables can be selected for completion from the following categories: Patents, Utility Models, Trademarks,  Industrial Designs and Plant Varieties.



  • Patent Filings by Origin [XLS]
  • Patent Filings under the PPH program by Office [XLS]
  • Patent Filings under the PCT-PPH program by International Authority [XLS]
  • Patent Grants by Origin [XLS]
  • Regional Patent Validations by Origin (to be completed only by offices member of ARIPO or EPO) [XLS]
  • Patent Grants / Rejected Applications by Year of Filing [XLS]
  • Patents in Force by Origin [XLS]
  • Patents in Force by Year of Filing [XLS]
  • Patents Pending [XLS]

Utility Models/Petty Patents

  • Utility Model Filings by Origin [XLS]
  • Utility Model Grants by Origin [XLS]
  • Utility Models in Force by Origin [XLS]
  • Utility Models in Force by Year of Filing [XLS]


  • Trademark Applications by Origin [XLS]
  • Trademark Applications by Class [XLS]
  • Trademark Registrations by Origin [XLS]
  • Trademark Registrations by Class [XLS]
  • Marks in Force by Year of Registration [XLS]

Industrial Designs

  • Design Applications by Origin [XLS]
  • Design Applications by  by Class [XLS]
  • Design Registrations by Origin [XLS]
  • Design Registrations by Class [XLS]
  • Designs in Force By Year of Registration [XLS]

Plant Varieties

  • Summary: Plant Variety Protection Titles in Force [XLS]
  • Plant Variety Protection Applications by Origin [XLS]
  • Plant Variety Protection Titles by Origin [XLS]
  • Plant Variety Titles in Force [XLS]
Please download, complete and save the relevant tables using one of the two options above and return them to WIPO either by:

If your office has not submitted IP statistics for 2011, you may dowload the complete set of questionnaires here. [ZIP 2011]

If you would like to submit your IP statistics in a format other than that of the questionnaires provided, please contact us at the above email address, and we would be glad to coordinate with you personally.

For offices with limited internet access,  paper versions of the questionnaires can be sent upon request.


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