Decision of the 2007 General Assembly

The General Assembly, held from September 24 to October 3, 2007, reviewed the discussions during the two sessions of the PCDA in February and June 2007, noted the spirit of engagement and cooperation demonstrated by Member States during the meetings of the PCDA, expressed satisfaction at the consensus reached on the proposals submitted by Member States on the establishment of a Development Agenda for WIPO, noted the recommendations made by the PCDA in paragraphs 6 and 7 (document A/43/13 Rev.) and by Ambassador C. Trevor Clarke, Chair PCDA, in his intervention during the discussions on this agenda item and decided as follows:

  • To adopt the recommendations for action in the 45 agreed proposals, contained in Annex A.
  • To immediately implement the recommendations, contained in the list of 19 proposals (Annex B). Member States stressed that it did not, in any way, imply that these proposals had been accorded a higher priority than the others or that their implementation, or aspects of it, would not be discussed in the Committee on Development and Intellectual Property, in coordination with relevant WIPO bodies. They also called upon all the Member States, the Secretariat and other relevant WIPO bodies to ensure the immediate and effective implementation of these proposals.
  • To establish a Committee on Development and Intellectual Property to:
    • develop a work program for implementation of the adopted recommendations;
    • monitor, assess, discuss and report on the implementation of all recommendations adopted, and for that purpose it shall coordinate with relevant WIPO bodies; and
    • discuss intellectual property and development related issues as agreed by the Committee, as well as those decided by the General Assembly.
  • The Committee will be composed of the Member States of WIPO and open to the participation of all accredited intergovernmental and non governmental organizations (NGOs). It will consider and adopt rules of procedure based on the WIPO General Rules of Procedure at its first meeting. The Committee will have two five day sessions annually, with the first one convened in the first half of 2008. As done during the sessions of the PCDA in 2006 and 2007, WIPO will provide financing for the participation of representatives from developing countries, including LDCs, as well as from countries with economies in transition, to attend the meetings of the Committee.
  • For the first meeting of the Committee, the present Chair of the PCDA will prepare initial working documents, including a draft work program, in consultation with Member States and the Secretariat. The draft work program should address, inter alia, the financial and human resources requirements for inclusion in WIPO’s budgetary planning process.
  • The Committee will report and may make recommendations annually to the General Assembly.
  • The PCIPD ceases to exist and the mandate of the PCDA is not renewed.
  • See the full report to the General Assembly (document WO/GA/34/16).