PFCs under process

The following proposals for change have been received and/or prepared by the International Bureau:

  • PCT/EF/PFC 17/001: (Modifications of the DTD for the request to address the requirements for the changes to the request form required for PCT Rule 23bis)
  • PCT/EF/PFC 17/002: (Modifications of the DTDs for the request and declarations to simplify the correlation of parties in editing declarations and the PCT request)
  • PCT/EF/PFC 17/003: (Modifications of the DTDs for the request and application-body to add an indicator of color drawings in the application)
  • PCT/EF/PFC 17/004: (Modifications of the DTDs for search report and written opinion to make the DTDs currently used in production official)

(DTDs and supplemental information)

PCT/EF/PFC 17/005 (Modifications of Annex F of the PCT Administrative Instructions to add DOCX OOXML as a possible filing format for the patent specification and add PNG to list of supported image formats). (Supplemental information highlighting proposed changes)