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New Zealand

Intellectual Property Offices

Competent administrationIntellectual Property Office of New Zealand (IPONZ)
Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
Web site address

PO Box 9241
Marion Square
Wellington 6141
New Zealand

Telephone(64 3) 962 2607
Telefax(64 4) 978 3691
Title and name of headCommissioner of Patents, Trade Marks and Designs / Commissaire aux brevets, aux marques et aux dessins et modèles: Ms. Mandy McDonald
National Manager: Ms. Ingrid Bayliss

Industrial Property Offices

Competent administrationOffice for Tokelau Affairs

P.O. Box 865
Western Samoa

Telephone(685) 20 822
(685) 20 823
Telefax(685) 21 761
Title and name of headThe Administrator of Tokelau / L'administrateur du Tokélau: Mr. David Payton