Airport Arrival and Departure

Transportation from Morocco's International Airports for all delegates

A shuttle service will be provided to all delegates to the Diplomatic Conference at the Rabat, Casablanca and Marrakesh airports on June 16 and 17 and June 29 and 30.  Exact hours will be communicated closer to the opening of the Diplomatic Conference.  Delegates arriving at these airports should approach the Diplomatic Conference Welcome Desks at the exit of the international arrivals area.  Special assistance will be provided to visually impaired persons at the airports by multilingual staff.

In order to organize your airport transfers please forward the following information to

  • Arrival/departure airport;
  • Date and time of arrival/departure;
  • Name of Hotel.

A shuttle service will also operate from, and only from, a limited number of hotels to the Palais des Congrès during the official working hours of the Conference. 

Transport in Marrakesh

Taxi services are widely available including at hotel exits and at the Conference venue. Taxi services are at participants’ own expense.  “Petits taxis” are more expensive than “grands taxis. 


During meeting hours, local calls can be made at the Conference Information Desk.

Outside meeting hours, calls and faxes can be made at the Reception and Registration Hall of the Palais des Congrès or in other hotels for a fee.

Morocco has three major mobile service providers: INWI (HSDPA and 3G coverage), Maroc Telecom (GSM Network) and Méditel (HSDPA and 3G coverage).

For Internet access, delegates and participants may use the Internet Cafe provided by the Conference and located on Level –1 (Salle Fès) of the Palais des Congrès during meeting hours.  A free Wi-Fi service will also be available. 


June is one of the hottest months in Marrakesh, with average temperatures of 31°C/88°F up to 40°C /97°F during daytime and 16°C/61°F during nighttime. The average duration of sun exposure is up to 9 hours a day. In order to avoid sunstroke, it is highly recommended to stay hydrated and wear sunscreen with a high SPF.  Morocco is malaria-free. 


Morocco’s local currency is the Moroccan dirham (Dh/MAD), which is divided into 100 centimes. The exchange rate is approximately US$1 = 8.60  Dh and €1= 11.12 Dh. There are currency exchange counters in the arrival area of the international airports and in the hotels. 

Morocco emergency telephone numbers

  • Police: 19 (urban area) / 177 (rural areas)
  • Ambulance: 15
  • Fire Department: 15



  • Local Time: GMT +0
  • Currency: Moroccan Dirham (Dh or MAD)
  • Electricity: 220V, 50Hz