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Replies to Questionnaire concerning Limitations and Exceptions 2010

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Algeria [PDF in French]
Armenia* [PDF]
Argentina [PDF]
Australia* [PDF]
Austria* [PDF]
Belgium [PDF in French]
Bhutan [PDF]
Botswana [PDF]
Burkina Faso [PDF]
Brazil* [PDF in Spanish]
Chile* [PDF in Spanish]
Colombia [PDF]
Croatia [PDF]
Cyprus* [PDF]
Czech Republic [PDF]
Denmark* [PDF]
Dominican Republic* [PDF in Spanish]
Estonia [PDF]
Finland [PDF]
Georgia* [PDF]
Ghana* [PDF]
Greece [PDF]
Guatemala [PDF in Spanish]
Hungary* [PDF]
Iceland [PDF]
India [PDF]
Iran* [PDF]
Ireland [PDF]
Israel [PDF]
Japan [PDF]
Kenya [PDF]
Latvia [PDF]
Lithuania [PDF]
Luxembourg [PDF]
Madagascar [PDF in French]
Malaysia* [PDF]
Malawi* [PDF]
Mali* [PDF]
Mexico [PDF in Spanish]
Netherlands* [PDF]
New Zealand [PDF]
Norway [PDF]
Oman [PDF]
Pakistan* [PDF]
Peru* [PDF]
Poland [PDF]
Republic of Korea* [PDF]
Republic of Moldova [PDF]
Russian Federation* [PDF]
Seychelles* [PDF]
Serbia* [PDF]
Singapore [PDF]
Spain [PDF]
Sweden [PDF]
Switzerland [PDF]
Syrian Arab Republic [PDF in Arabic]
Trindidad and Tobago [PDF]
Ukraine [PDF]
United Kingdom [PDF]
United States of America [PDF]
Uruguay [PDF in Spanish]

* Countries with asterisk: reply not included in report SCCR/20/7 but in the update report SCCR/21/7.



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