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WIPO UDRP Domain Name Decisions

Decisions: DME2010-0001 - DME2010-0199

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Last updated: Sep 1, 2016

Case Number Complainant Respondent Domain Name(s) Decision
DME2010-0001 (HTML)
DME2010-0001 (Word)
Lanxess Deutschland GmbHWang Xiao Yanglanxess.meTransfer
DME2010-0002 (HTML)
DME2010-0002 (Word)
Carma Laboratories Inc.Mike Bennet, Voice Corporationcarmex.meTransfer
DME2010-0003 (HTML)
DME2010-0003 (Word)
American Express Marketing & Development Corp.Gabriyel Akbulutamericanexpress.meTransfer
DME2010-0004 (HTML)
DME2010-0004 (Word)
Chris JohnsonDomain Privacy Protector Limited
Henry Stainton
Martin Quinn
DME2010-0005 (HTML)
DME2010-0005 (Word)
Facebook, Inc.Amjad Abbasfacebook.meTransfer
DME2010-0006 (HTML)
DME2010-0006 (Word)
Aditya Mittal
ArcelorMittal Legal Affairs Corporate
Vanisha Mittal
Vanisha Mittal
DME2010-0007 (HTML)
DME2010-0007 (Word)
Grundfos A/SAlexey Cherenkovgrundfos.meTransfer
DME2010-0008 (HTML)
DME2010-0008 (Word)
The Coca-Cola CompanyDavid Jurkiewiczcocacola.meTransfer
DME2010-0009 (HTML)
DME2010-0009 (Word)
Pixmania SASPhilip Gahanpixmania.meTransfer
DME2010-0010 (HTML)
DME2010-0010 (Word)
AutoZone Parts, Inc.Tom Nguyenautozone.meTransfer
DME2010-0011 (HTML)
DME2010-0011 (Word)
Tiffany and Company
Tiffany (NJ) Inc.
Haoyunlai jewelry factory, Peng Jiaweitiffany.meTransfer


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