World Intellectual Property Organization

WIPO UDRP Domain Name Decisions

Decisions: D2013-0600 - D2013-0799

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Last updated: May 4, 2016

Case Number Complainant Respondent Domain Name(s) Decision
D2013-0600 (HTML)
D2013-0600 (Word)
Dolce & Gabbana s.r.l.Domain ID Shield Service/ Misato Takahashi, bktdolcegabbanaesale.comTransfer
D2013-0601 (HTML)
D2013-0601 (Word)
Dolce & Gabbana s.r.l.nan yangmaoyidoudouneblousondolcegabbana.comTransfer
D2013-0602 (HTML)
D2013-0602 (Word)
Dolce & Gabbana s.r.l.yami guang lin / Suspended by Registrardolcegabbana-pascher.comTransfer
D2013-0603 (HTML)
D2013-0603 (Word)
Guccio Gucci S.p.A.Brenda
D2013-0604 (HTML)
D2013-0604 (Word)
Dolce & Gabbana s.r.l.Xiaohua
D2013-0605Sugartown Worldwide, LLC-lillypulitzeroutlet.comTerminated
D2013-0606Ann Demeulemeester-anndemeulemeestershoes.comTerminated
D2013-0607 (HTML)
D2013-0607 (Word)
Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.Ciobanu Srebastiangta5-beta.comTransfer
D2013-0608 (HTML)
D2013-0608 (Word)
Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.Amarildo Domigta5freedownload.comTransfer
D2013-0609 (HTML)
D2013-0609 (Word)
Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.Jon Daviesgta5betacodes.comTransfer
D2013-0610 (HTML)
D2013-0610 (Word)
Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.John Chowgtavbetacodes.comTransfer
D2013-0611 (HTML)
D2013-0611 (Word)
Guccio Gucci S.p.ACharles
D2013-0612 (HTML)
D2013-0612 (Word)
The Net-A-Porter Group LimitedJames Burrows/high50
D2013-0613 (HTML)
D2013-0613 (Word)
The Net-A-Porter Group LimitedLiu Jiapengnet-a-porter.infoTransfer
D2013-0614 (HTML)
D2013-0614 (Word)
The Net-A-Porter Group LimitedFreelive Invest
D2013-0615 (HTML)
D2013-0615 (Word)
The Net-A-Porter Group Domain Privacy / Transure Enterprise
D2013-0616 (HTML)
D2013-0616 (Word)
The Net-A-Porter Group Limited D Franklandnetaporter.netTransfer
D2013-0617 (HTML)
D2013-0617 (Word)
The Net-A-Porter Group LimitedDuan Zuochun/ Simon Davidnetaporter.bizTransfer
D2013-0618 (HTML)
D2013-0618 (Word)
The Net-A-Porter Group LimitedDomains By Proxy, LLC a/k/a / No Filter Newsnetaportersale.comTransfer
D2013-0619 (HTML)
D2013-0619 (Word)
BUNSHALionel Oliverakiabicentrale.comTransfer
D2013-0620 (HTML)
D2013-0620 (Word)
Lucifer Lighting CompanyBen Cameronlightoflucifer.comTransfer
D2013-0621 (HTML)
D2013-0621 (Word)
PayPal, Inc.Daniel Benelmypaypal.comTransfer
D2013-0622 (HTML)
D2013-0622 (Word)
Capricorn Society LimitedWebcruzer Limitedcapricornauto.comComplaint denied
D2013-0623 (HTML)
D2013-0623 (Word)
Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG"Porsche"porsche-info.comTransfer
D2013-0624 (HTML)
D2013-0624 (Word)
LEGO Juris A/SDomains By Proxy, LLC, / Human Health Networklegohero.netTransfer
D2013-0625LEGO Juris A/S-lego-block.comTerminated
D2013-0626 (HTML)
D2013-0626 (Word)
LEGO Juris A/ Domain Privacy / Belcanto Investment Group Limitedfriendslego.comTransfer
D2013-0627 (HTML)
D2013-0627 (Word)
Surya Roshni Limitedtq6 Inc., Domain Registration Dept.suryaroshni.comTransfer
D2013-0628 (HTML)
D2013-0628 (Word)
Miss Universe L.P., LLLPAndre Mironmissuniverscanada.comTransfer
D2013-0629 (HTML)
D2013-0629 (Word)
The Net-A-Porter Group LimitedWhois Privacy Services Pty Ltd Domain Hostmaster / Dzone Inc., Yeonju
D2013-0630 (HTML)
D2013-0630 (Word)
Goyard St-HonoreLevi Antoine, lianlianggoyardreplicatote.comTransfer
D2013-0631 (HTML)
D2013-0631 (Word)
B. Lane, Inc. d/b/a Fashion To FigureViktorfashiontofigure.orgTransfer
D2013-0632 (HTML)
D2013-0632 (Word)
Guccio Gucci
D2013-0633 (HTML)
D2013-0633 (Word)
Iweb Group Inc.iWeb Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.iwebtechno.comComplaint denied
D2013-0634 (HTML)
D2013-0634 (Word)
Kraft Food Group Brands LLC
Kraft Foods Global Brands, LLC
Fundacion Private Whois / PPA Media Serviceskraftwhatscooking.comTransfer
D2013-0635 (HTML)
D2013-0635 (Word)
Volkswagen AGAditya Roshni / PrivacyProtect.orgvwr32.comTransfer
D2013-0636 (HTML)
D2013-0636 (Word)
Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.Private Registrationbuyonlineaccutanenow.comTransfer
D2013-0637 (HTML)
D2013-0637 (Word)
Softronic ABPrivacy Protect/ Frank Lancastersoftronic.comTransfer
D2013-0638 (HTML)
D2013-0638 (Word)
Robert Kennedy College & Co / djeanp7898@gmail.comrobertkennedycollegeonlinecampus.comTransfer
D2013-0639 (HTML)
D2013-0639 (Word)
F. Hoffmann-La Roche AGHongyu Liuvaliumonlinepharmacy.comTransfer
D2013-0640 (HTML)
D2013-0640 (Word)
Farouk Systems, Inc.luluqingqing
D2013-0641 (HTML)
D2013-0641 (Word)
Moncler S.R.L.Kina
D2013-0642 (HTML)
D2013-0642 (Word)
Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.Domain Admin, / Ma Ying Jo intesasanpao.comTransfer
D2013-0643 (HTML)
D2013-0643 (Word)
Swarovski Aktiengesellschaftskouta sekio/ PrivacyProtect.orgmyswarovskisale.comTransfer
D2013-0644Swarovski Aktiengesellschaft-swarovskisale.comTerminated
D2013-0645 (HTML)
D2013-0645 (Word)
Jack Wolfskin Ausrüstung von Draussen GmbH & Co. KGaAWhoisGuard / Edison Pittjackwolfskinjacke.comTransfer
D2013-0646 (HTML)
D2013-0646 (Word)
F. Hoffmann-La Roche AGVadim Dmitriechenko / Whois Protectionxelodabreastcancermedication.netTransfer
D2013-0647 (HTML)
D2013-0647 (Word)
SanofiPoussieres d'EtoiIesoenobio.netTransfer
D2013-0648Get Fresh Cosmetics Ltd t/a Bomb Cosmetics-bombcosmetics.comTerminated
D2013-0649 (HTML)
D2013-0649 (Word)
Sensormatic Electronics, LLCPPA Media Services, Ryan G Foo / Fundacion Private Whoisamericandynamics.comTransfer
D2013-0650 (HTML)
D2013-0650 (Word)
Arkema FranceRobert Greco/Domains By Proxy, LLCarkema-group.comTransfer
D2013-0651 (HTML)
D2013-0651 (Word)
AOB KEIOH GROUPEtsuro Doiarsoa.comTransfer
D2013-0652 (HTML)
D2013-0652 (Word)
NV (Naamloze Vennootschap) Euphony BeneluxWebsitemaken.NU
D2013-0653 (HTML)
D2013-0653 (Word)
OSRAM GmbHWhoisProtector / WhoisProtector, Inc. Dom Reg ()osrammiddleeast.comTransfer
D2013-0654 (HTML)
D2013-0654 (Word)
Portucel, John Smithportucel.netTransfer
D2013-0655 (HTML)
D2013-0655 (Word)
Atos IT Services UK Domain Privacy / Nish Patelredspottedhankie.comTransfer
D2013-0656 (HTML)
D2013-0656 (Word)
IM ProductionLinyuanzhiisabelmarantofficialsneakers.comTransfer
D2013-0657 (HTML)
D2013-0657 (Word)
Mr. Ralph AnderlYang Mingfeng icberlin8.comTransfer
D2013-0658 (HTML)
D2013-0658 (Word)
Arkema FranceChemistryarkemagroupinc.comTransfer
D2013-0659 (HTML)
D2013-0659 (Word)
Lancashire Mortgage Corporation LimitedGary Bushlancashiremortgage.comComplaint denied
D2013-0660 (HTML)
D2013-0660 (Word)
Six Continents Hotels, Inc.Domains By Proxy, LLC / peiyan yaohotelindigoshanghai.comTransfer
D2013-0661 (HTML)
D2013-0661 (Word)
Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.Vyacheslav Grubingta5beta.netTransfer
D2013-0662 (HTML)
D2013-0662 (Word)
Realm Entertainment Limitedbilgin uzum/PrivacyProtect.orgbets10bahisleri.comTransfer
D2013-0663 (HTML)
D2013-0663 (Word)
Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.Vasile Adrian Chindrisbetakeysgta5.comTransfer
D2013-0664 (HTML)
D2013-0664 (Word)
Swarovski AktiengesellschaftLuca Voglerswarovskioutletsalez.comTransfer
D2013-0665 (HTML)
D2013-0665 (Word)
Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.Howard Clarkgta5betakeysgiveaway.comTransfer
D2013-0666 (HTML)
D2013-0666 (Word)
Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.Joaquin Gomezgta5beta.orgTransfer
D2013-0667 (HTML)
D2013-0667 (Word)
Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.Jamie Stokesgetgta5free.comTransfer
D2013-0668 (HTML)
D2013-0668 (Word)
L’Oréal SAKatren
D2013-0669 (HTML)
D2013-0669 (Word)
Société Air FranceJason O’
D2013-0670 (HTML)
D2013-0670 (Word)
Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.,Whois Privacy Protection Serviceaccutaneonlinesale.netTransfer
D2013-0671M/S Genpact Luxembourg S.a.r.I-genpact.bizTerminated
D2013-0672Genpact Luxembourg S.a.r.I-genpact.orgTerminated
D2013-0673 (HTML)
D2013-0673 (Word)
Cash Converters Pty LtdCraig
D2013-0674 (HTML)
D2013-0674 (Word)
National Westminster Bank plcWilliam Steinnatwesgroup.comTransfer
D2013-0675 (HTML)
D2013-0675 (Word)
Mariana Stoilova Stankovadesconocido / IDENTITY PROTECTION SHIELD, WHOIS
D2013-0676 (HTML)
D2013-0676 (Word)
Mariana Stoilova StankovaEdivam da Conceiçao Silva, Private
Complaint denied
D2013-0677 (HTML)
D2013-0677 (Word)
Mariana Stoilova StankovaMiguel Angel Mata
Complaint denied
D2013-0678 (HTML)
D2013-0678 (Word)
We Buy Any Car LimitedDaniel Kirbywebuyanycaressex.comTransfer
D2013-0679NettiX Oy-nettiautosaksasta.comTerminated
D2013-0680 (HTML)
D2013-0680 (Word)
Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.Chernenko Aleksei / Whois
D2013-0681 (HTML)
D2013-0681 (Word)
Guccio Gucci S.p.A.Hu
D2013-0682 (HTML)
D2013-0682 (Word)
SanofiMi Zhang/ li qianfangsainuofei.comTransfer
D2013-0683 (HTML)
D2013-0683 (Word)
LEGO Juris A/SAnson's studiolegobox.netTransfer
D2013-0684 (HTML)
D2013-0684 (Word)
Amegy Bank National AssociationContact Privacy Inc. Customer 0133763249amegybaank.comTransfer
D2013-0685 (HTML)
D2013-0685 (Word)
American Arbitration Association/International Center for Dispute Resolution (AAA/ICDR)
Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC)
International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA)
Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC)
ICSID Lawyers,
Transfer, denied in part
D2013-0686Lynette Jennings-lynettejennings.comTerminated
D2013-0687 (HTML)
D2013-0687 (Word)
Anadarko Petroleum CorporationMoniker Privacy Services / Domain Administrator PortMediaandarko.comTransfer
D2013-0688 (HTML)
D2013-0688 (Word)
J. Crew International, Inc.Youchao Wang a.k.a. wang you chaojcrewstore.comTransfer
D2013-0689 (HTML)
D2013-0689 (Word)
Cash Converters Ptv LtdWhois Agentcashconverters.orgTransfer
D2013-0690 (HTML)
D2013-0690 (Word)
Volkswagen AGFundacion Private Whois, Domain Administratorwwwvw.comTransfer
D2013-0691 (HTML)
D2013-0691 (Word)
Vente‐ IP S.à.r.l.
Whois Privacy Services Pty Ltd. / Dzone Inc., Yeonju Hongventepriveecom.comTransfer
D2013-0692 (HTML)
D2013-0692 (Word)
F. Hoffmann-La Roche AGN/A - Tomson Enerihobuy-xenicalonlineq.comTransfer
D2013-0693 (HTML)
D2013-0693 (Word)
California Milk Processor BoardSergio Cueva / This Domain Is For Leasegotricemilk.comTransfer
D2013-0694 (HTML)
D2013-0694 (Word)
Grundfos Holding A/SNanJingDianTeJiDianSheBeiYouXianGongSinjgrundfos.comTransfer
D2013-0695Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A.-metasbbvacontinental.comTerminated
D2013-0696 (HTML)
D2013-0696 (Word)
Pfizer Inc.Private person, Aleksandr Syichev / PrivacyProtect.orgxeljanzmed.comTransfer
D2013-0697 (HTML)
D2013-0697 (Word)
The Chancellor, Master and Fellows of the University of CambridgeContact Privacy Inc./ No Faith in Blair, N/
D2013-0698 (HTML)
D2013-0698 (Word)
Compagnie Générale des Etablissements MichelinContact Privacy Inc. Customer 0130343810 / Richard Canneman, Candelaar.commy-michelin.comCancellation
D2013-0699 (HTML)
D2013-0699 (Word)
Tracy Anderson Mind & Body LLCDomain Asset Holdingstracyanderson.comTransfer
D2013-0700 (HTML)
D2013-0700 (Word)
CBOCS Properties, Inc.Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc. / ICS Inc.crackerbarrelschedule.comTransfer
D2013-0701 (HTML)
D2013-0701 (Word)
Bayerische Motoren Werke AGVictor Franklbmwofthehamptons.comTransfer
D2013-0702WordPress Foundation-wordpresso.orgTerminated
D2013-0703Philip Morris USA Inc.-marlboromanmovie.comTerminated
D2013-0704 (HTML)
D2013-0704 (Word)
Bayerische Motoren Werke AGFundacion Private Whois, Domain Administrator/ PPA Media Services, Ryan G Foobmwfresno.comTransfer
D2013-0705 (HTML)
D2013-0705 (Word)
Colgate-Palmolive CompanyAndrew Hendry colgatepalmsolive.comTransfer
D2013-0706 (HTML)
D2013-0706 (Word)
Christian LouboutinZHANGXIANQIONGchristianlouboutinbeaute.comTransfer
D2013-0707 (HTML)
D2013-0707 (Word)
Credit Industriel et Commercial S.A.IT Administratorcic-finance.comTransfer
D2013-0708 (HTML)
D2013-0708 (Word)
Swarovski AktiengesellschaftN/A, delu xei swarovskicrystalss.comTransfer
D2013-0709 (HTML)
D2013-0709 (Word)
Swarovski AktiengesellschaftWhoisGuard / Susan Kellyswarovskijewelryoutlet.comTransfer
D2013-0710 (HTML)
D2013-0710 (Word)
L’OréalAnonymous Corpelsève.comTransfer
D2013-0711 (HTML)
D2013-0711 (Word)
Mesosystem, S.A. LeaseDomains.commccmcosmetics.comTransfer
D2013-0712 (HTML)
D2013-0712 (Word)
Colgate-Palmolive CompanyLinecomcolgatemaxwhite.comTransfer
D2013-0713 (HTML)
D2013-0713 (Word)
Statoil ASAN/A Alex
D2013-0714 (HTML)
D2013-0714 (Word)
OptionsHouse LLCSergey Parnyakovoptionhouse.bizTransfer
D2013-0715 (HTML)
D2013-0715 (Word)
Virgin Enterprises LimitedKAP Computer Solutions Pvt. Ltd.virgincompany.netTransfer
D2013-0716ARCave AG-arcave.comTerminated
D2013-0717 (HTML)
D2013-0717 (Word)
Herbalife International, Domain Privacy / Shu Linmyherbalifecolombia.comTransfer
D2013-0718 (HTML)
D2013-0718 (Word)
New Dream Network, LLCBasit Lodhideemhost.comTransfer
D2013-0720Turlen Holding SA-richardmillewatches.netTerminated
D2013-0721 (HTML)
D2013-0721 (Word)
Cash Converters Pty LtdJohn Coxpropertycashconverters.comTransfer
D2013-0722 (HTML)
D2013-0722 (Word)
SBE Licensing, LLCNico Santuccihydevegas.comTransfer
D2013-0723 (HTML)
D2013-0723 (Word)
GBI Prosperities Pty Ltd.Private Registration/ Real Estate Educational Programmes / Dave Lovegrove drgrowitall.comComplaint denied
D2013-0724 (HTML)
D2013-0724 (Word)
Cash Converters Pty Ltd.Rui Zhangwwwcashconverters.comTransfer
D2013-0725 (HTML)
D2013-0725 (Word)
Segis SPAKwon Tong Wan (권통완)segis.comComplaint denied
D2013-0726 (HTML)
D2013-0726 (Word)
Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.Subie Lawawebuygenericaccutaneonline.comTransfer
D2013-0727 (HTML)
D2013-0727 (Word)
Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.Samuil S Chesnokovbuy1accutane.comTransfer
D2013-0728 (HTML)
D2013-0728 (Word)
Normalu S.A.Ahu
D2013-0729 (HTML)
D2013-0729 (Word)
Abdij AffligemJiang Junaffligembeer.comTransfer
D2013-0730 (HTML)
D2013-0730 (Word)
OneTwoTrip Ltd.Karpau Anatolionetwotrip.netTransfer
D2013-0731 (HTML)
D2013-0731 (Word)
Walk the Walk WorldwideName Administration Inc. (BVI)walkthewalk.comComplaint denied
D2013-0732 (HTML)
D2013-0732 (Word)
Dialog Lebensversicherungs-AGDoru Ujicadialoglebensversicherung.comTransfer
D2013-0733Swarovski Aktiengesellschaft-swarovskicrystals.infoTerminated
D2013-0734TeliaSonera Finland
D2013-0735 (HTML)
D2013-0735 (Word)
The Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plcrbseb / Jill Easterrbseb.comTransfer
D2013-0736 (HTML)
D2013-0736 (Word)
National Westminster Bank plcRansome Johnsonnatwestbankltd.comTransfer
D2013-0737 (HTML)
D2013-0737 (Word)
Debbie Morgan Macao Commercial Offshore Limited
Missguided Limited
D2013-0738 (HTML)
D2013-0738 (Word)
Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.Yitaoboozallenhamilton.bizTransfer
D2013-0739 (HTML)
D2013-0739 (Word)
Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.Claudio Russo, NAboozallen.infoTransfer
D2013-0740 (HTML)
D2013-0740 (Word)
Booz Allen Hamilton / ICS INC.boozallenhamiliton.comTransfer
D2013-0741 (HTML)
D2013-0741 (Word)
Swarovski Aktiengesellschaftyuefang wuswarovskischmuckoutlet.comTransfer
D2013-0742 (HTML)
D2013-0742 (Word)
Swarovski AktiengesellschaftWhoisGuard / Frank Jackieswarovski-onlineshop.comTransfer
D2013-0743Mahindra & Mahindra Limited
Mahindra Two Wheelers Limited
D2013-0744 (HTML)
D2013-0744 (Word)
Spielwarenmesse eGName Administration Inc. (BVI)spielwarenmesse.comComplaint denied
D2013-0745F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG-valiumsideeffects.comTerminated
D2013-0746 (HTML)
D2013-0746 (Word)
Vanguard Trademark Holdings USA LLCElisabeth
D2013-0747Red Bull GmbH-newyorkredbullstickets.comTerminated
D2013-0748Autodesk, Inc.-autodeskcn.comTerminated
D2013-0749 (HTML)
D2013-0749 (Word)
Petrogas Group LtdKim Sooyong - (Arisu Tech)applegreen.comComplaint denied
D2013-0750 (HTML)
D2013-0750 (Word)
Bayerische Motoren Werke AGWinsco a/k/a dada dadabmw505.comTransfer
D2013-0751Aerovias del Continente Americano S.A. Avianca-aviancapromociones.comTerminated
D2013-0752 (HTML)
D2013-0752 (Word)
Delta Air Lines, Inc.myself myskymiles.comTransfer
D2013-0753Fancy Force, LLC-happywheels.comTerminated
D2013-0754 (HTML)
D2013-0754 (Word)
Carey International, Inc.Gabriel Forbes / Carey Airport Limocareyairportlimo.comTransfer
D2013-0755Inter IKEA Systems B.V.-ikeahackers.comTerminated
D2013-0756Wal-Mart Stores,
D2013-0757 (HTML)
D2013-0757 (Word)
Advance Magazine Publishers Inc.Premier Models International Incvoguefashionmodels.comComplaint denied with dissenting opinion
D2013-0758 (HTML)
D2013-0758 (Word)
Advance Magazine Publishers Inc.Snezhana Yurovagqescort.comTransfer
D2013-0759Lakeside Anesthesiology, S.C.-1body4life.netTerminated
D2013-0760Tommy Bahama Group, Inc.-tommybahamaswimsuit.comTerminated
D2013-0762Charon International Trading Limited-snug.comTerminated
D2013-0763 (HTML)
D2013-0763 (Word)
October's Very Own IP HoldingsMakPartyovofest.comTransfer
D2013-0764 (HTML)
D2013-0764 (Word)
Nelnet Business Solutions, Inc. d/b/a FACTS Management Co.Andrew Goldbergerfactstuition.netTransfer
D2013-0765 (HTML)
D2013-0765 (Word)
Manifattura Mario Colombo & C. S.p.A.Zhang Yiquanpiuminicolmar.comTransfer
D2013-0766October's Very Own IP Holdings-octobersveryown.comTerminated
D2013-0767Yale Security Inc.-yalesupport.comTerminated
D2013-0768 (HTML)
D2013-0768 (Word)
International Medical Recruitment PtyKerry McGuinness
D2013-0769American Woodmark Corporation-waypointlivingspace.comTerminated
D2013-0770 (HTML)
D2013-0770 (Word)
Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Ziraat Bankasi Anonim Ş / YÜKSEL UÇARturkiyeziraatbankasi.comTransfer
D2013-0771Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Ziraat Bankasi Anonim Şirketi-tcziraatbankasi.comTerminated
D2013-0772 (HTML)
D2013-0772 (Word)
Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Ziraat Bankasi Anonim ŞirketiContact Privacy Inc. / ICS INC.mailziraatbank.comTransfer
D2013-0773 (HTML)
D2013-0773 (Word)
Markit Group LimitedRna Iletsim Dan Ve Rek Paz Ltd. Sti Leyla Firatmaarkit.comTransfer
D2013-0774 (HTML)
D2013-0774 (Word)
Virgin Enterprises LimitedNone, Salman Faris Paravakkal / PrivacyProtect.orgvirginfone.comTransfer
D2013-0775 (HTML)
D2013-0775 (Word), / ICS INC. extranetbookit.comTransfer
D2013-0776 (HTML)
D2013-0776 (Word)
Froriep RenggliAlexandra Maederfrorieprenggli.comTransfer
D2013-0777 (HTML)
D2013-0777 (Word)
Universal Protein Supplements Corporation d/b/a Universal NutritionVaidas
D2013-0778 (HTML)
D2013-0778 (Word)
F. Hoffmann-La Roche AGn/a Whois Privacy Protection Servicexenical--online.comTransfer
D2013-0779 (HTML)
D2013-0779 (Word)
Swarovski AktiengesellschaftMichael Edwardsswarovskizcrystals.comTransfer
D2013-0780 (HTML)
D2013-0780 (Word)
Deutsche Lufthansa Domain Privacy / Ni Howlufthansexperts.comTransfer
D2013-0782 (HTML)
D2013-0782 (Word)
WALA-Heilmittel GmbHCanada Jumeira/Contact Privacy Inc.wala.comComplaint denied
D2013-0783 (HTML)
D2013-0783 (Word)
Société Maudal
Thierry LASRY
Thierry Lasrythierrylasry.orgCancellation
D2013-0784 (HTML)
D2013-0784 (Word)
Ted Britt Ford Sales, Inc.
Ted Britt Sterling Chevrolet LLC
Domains By Proxy, LLC, / Marcello Grimalditedbrittchevrolet.comTransfer
D2013-0785 (HTML)
D2013-0785 (Word)
Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.David Davidgta5betagiveaway.netTransfer
D2013-0786 (HTML)
D2013-0786 (Word)
Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.Pimp Squigglesofficialgta5beta.comTransfer
D2013-0787 (HTML)
D2013-0787 (Word)
Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.Mason Evansgta-5-beta-keys.comTransfer
D2013-0788 (HTML)
D2013-0788 (Word)
Take-Two Interactive Software, Domain Privacy / Transure Enterprise Ltdgta5free.comTransfer
D2013-0789 (HTML)
D2013-0789 (Word)
Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.Bibek Kumar Shahgtavbetakey.comTransfer
D2013-0790Shazam Entertainment
D2013-0791 (HTML)
D2013-0791 (Word)
Virgin Enterprises LimitedLarino Enterpricesrichardbransoninvestment.comTransfer
D2013-0792Sederma (S.A.S.)-sederma.comTerminated
D2013-0793Aktiebolaget Electrolux-electroluxsas.comTerminated
D2013-0794 (HTML)
D2013-0794 (Word)
Aktiebolaget ElectroluxDomain Whois Protection Service / nan jingnjelectrolux.comTransfer
D2013-0795 (HTML)
D2013-0795 (Word)
Aktiebolaget Electroluxibpsuamaygiatelectrolux.orgTransfer
D2013-0796 (HTML)
D2013-0796 (Word)
Aktiebolaget ElectroluxIbrahim
D2013-0797 (HTML)
D2013-0797 (Word)
Denver Mattress Co., LLCJane Phillipsdenvermattressstores.comTransfer
D2013-0798 (HTML)
D2013-0798 (Word)
Sociedad Mexicana de Autores de las Artes Plásticas Sociedad de Gestión Colectiva de Interés Público Oliver Herrmannsomaap.comComplaint denied
D2013-0799 (HTML)
D2013-0799 (Word)
Amegy Bank National AssociationICS INC. / Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 0133763249amegebank.comTransfer


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