World Intellectual Property Organization

WIPO UDRP Domain Name Decisions

Decisions: D2012-0800 - D2012-0999

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Last updated: Aug 31, 2016

Case Number Complainant Respondent Domain Name(s) Decision
D2012-0800 (HTML)
D2012-0800 (Word)
Belstaff S.R.L.Andy Timbelstaff-jacken-outlet.orgTransfer
D2012-0801 (HTML)
D2012-0801 (Word)
Belstaff qiuhuabelstaff-sito-ufficiale.comTransfer
D2012-0802 (HTML)
D2012-0802 (Word)
Belstaff S.R.L.Yaoqianyubelstaffjacken-de.comTransfer
D2012-0803 (HTML)
D2012-0803 (Word)
Belstaff S.R.L.xiao
D2012-0804 (HTML)
D2012-0804 (Word)
Belstaff S.R.L.Ming Yuang Zhengbelstaffjackenoutlets.netTransfer
D2012-0805 (HTML)
D2012-0805 (Word)
Belstaff S.R.L.Shi
D2012-0806 (HTML)
D2012-0806 (Word)
SOPRA GROUPJules Girardsopragroupe.netTransfer
D2012-0807 (HTML)
D2012-0807 (Word)
O2 Holdings LimitedHuang Li Technology Corp02academy.comTransfer
D2012-0808 (HTML)
D2012-0808 (Word)
Levitas chen jiling bikkembergsonsale.comTransfer
D2012-0809 (HTML)
D2012-0809 (Word)
Capital IQ, Inc.Bincom ICT Solutionscapital-iq.comTransfer
D2012-0810 (HTML)
D2012-0810 (Word)
Seiko Holdings Kabushiki Kaisha (trading as Seiko Holdings Corporation)Fundacion Private Whois/ Domain
D2012-0811The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.-mcgrawhill-connect.comTerminated
D2012-0812 (HTML)
D2012-0812 (Word)
ED Enterprise AGYunsung Yunsungblaupunkt.netTransfer
D2012-0813 (HTML)
D2012-0813 (Word)
Confederation Nationale du Credit MutuelSimo
D2012-0814 (HTML)
D2012-0814 (Word)
Standard & Poor's Financial Services LLCWang Kang Linstandardandpoors.mobiTransfer
D2012-0815 (HTML)
D2012-0815 (Word)
SARL MacGenerationSARL
D2012-0816 (HTML)
D2012-0816 (Word)
The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.OopWee Web Design & Marketingmcgrawhill-textbooks.comTransfer
D2012-0817 (HTML)
D2012-0817 (Word)
Burberry LimitedGuosong Chenburberrybritain.comTransfer
D2012-0818Atlas Copco Aktiebolag-socalatlascopco.comTerminated
D2012-0819 (HTML)
D2012-0819 (Word)
Beachbody, LLC (“Beachbody”)Jianzong Zhanpower90beachbody.comTransfer
D2012-0820Citrin Cooperman & Company, LLP
Corey Massella
Joel Cooperman
Niles Citrin
D2012-0821 (HTML)
D2012-0821 (Word)
Minnetonka Moccasin Company, Inc.bailianhua
fang wei
hu haonan
hu mo
hu yurui
jiang yilan
li hong
liu ruyun
ma ling
ma qing
wei liang
yang shuoqing
Transfer, denied in part
D2012-0822 (HTML)
D2012-0822 (Word)
F. Hoffmann-La Roche AGFundacion Private Whoisvalium365d.comTransfer
D2012-0823 (HTML)
D2012-0823 (Word)
upjers GmbH und Co. KGAskin Ceyhanupjers.netComplaint denied
D2012-0824 (HTML)
D2012-0824 (Word)
Association des Centres Distributeurs E. Leclerc - A.C.D LecPetit Aurélianleclerc-location.comTransfer
D2012-0825 (HTML)
D2012-0825 (Word)
Hermès InternationalYinsheng Shesoldeshermes.comTransfer
D2012-0826 (HTML)
D2012-0826 (Word)
Associazione Radio MariaContact Privacy Inc. / ICS Inc.radiomariaecuador.comTransfer
D2012-0827 (HTML)
D2012-0827 (Word)
Pedone & Partners, Inc.Pedone and Partnerspedonemedia.comTransfer
D2012-0828 (HTML)
D2012-0828 (Word)
Shabby Chic Brands, LLCBelle Escape, Donna Jensenfrenchshabbychic.netComplaint denied
D2012-0829 (HTML)
D2012-0829 (Word)
Iroko Partners LimitedIroko TV Moviesirokotvmovies.comTransfer
D2012-0830Paul Hartmann AG-molimed.comTerminated
D2012-0831LEGO Juris A/S-legoninjagotoys.comTerminated
D2012-0832 (HTML)
D2012-0832 (Word)
LEGO Juris A/ WhoisGuardlegoninjagofiretemple.netTransfer
D2012-0833 (HTML)
D2012-0833 (Word)
Barclays Bank PLCPrivate Registrationbarclaybankplc.comTransfer
D2012-0834Barclays Bank PLC-barclayscapitaladvisors.comTerminated
D2012-0835 (HTML)
D2012-0835 (Word)
BARCLAYS BANK PLCcollins nana joe / Privacy, Domain Adminbarclaysgain-funds.comTransfer
D2012-0836 (HTML)
D2012-0836 (Word)
Barclays Bank PLCLafayatte Smithbarclaysmortgages.orgTransfer
D2012-0837 (HTML)
D2012-0837 (Word)
Barclays Bank PLCSharon ObiozorCantle, Web Hosting bloggingbarclaysbank.comTransfer
D2012-0838 (HTML)
D2012-0838 (Word)
Barclays Bank PLCTransure Enterprise Ltd, Host Master / Domain Privacybraclayspremierleague.comTransfer
D2012-0839 (HTML)
D2012-0839 (Word)
Barclays Bank PLCWhois Privacy Protection Service, Inc. / Domain Privacyoffshore-barclaysuk.comTransfer
D2012-0840 (HTML)
D2012-0840 (Word)
DFDS A/SMilena YUrevna Valenskayadfds-seaways-inc.netTransfer
D2012-0841 (HTML)
D2012-0841 (Word)
Miss Universe L.P., LLLPPeter Kalajelegantmissusa.comTransfer
D2012-0842 (HTML)
D2012-0842 (Word)
Red Bull GmbHFundacion Private Whoisredbullcoupons.netTransfer
D2012-0843 (HTML)
D2012-0843 (Word)
Blanco GmbH + Co KGtrue toblanco-sink.comTransfer
D2012-0844 (HTML)
D2012-0844 (Word)
Apple Inc.Contact Privacy Inc. / Grand Slam
D2012-0845 (HTML)
D2012-0845 (Word)
Giorgio Armani S.p.A. Milan Swiss Branch Mendrisiowichan poonsawatacquadigiobyarmani.comTransfer
D2012-0846 (HTML)
D2012-0846 (Word)
Lambert Smith Hampton Group LimitedAspenlambertsmithhampton.comTransfer
D2012-0847 (HTML)
D2012-0847 (Word)
Tetra Laval Holdings & Finance S.A.TetraPak Global PH-Autetrapak-global.comTransfer
D2012-0848LEGO Juris A/S-legolandorlandohoteldeal.comTerminated
D2012-0849 (HTML)
D2012-0849 (Word)
Barclays Bank PLCMiami Investment Brokers,
D2012-0850Elizabeth Arden, Inc.
FD Management, Inc.
D2012-0851 (HTML)
D2012-0851 (Word)
Lacoste Alligator S.A.Molou Hudong
Monique Marcil
D2012-0852The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc-royalbank-of-scotland.orgTerminated
D2012-0853 (HTML)
D2012-0853 (Word)
The Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plctom dobberfuhl / rbsgroups rbsgroups.orgTransfer
D2012-0854 (HTML)
D2012-0854 (Word)
The Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plcirbsi-rbs.comTransfer
D2012-0855The Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc-rbssonlines.comTerminated
D2012-0856 (HTML)
D2012-0856 (Word)
The Royal Bank of Scotland Group PlcContact Privacy Inc. / nat / Amadi Youngrbsgroupsfinance.comTransfer
D2012-0857 (HTML)
D2012-0857 (Word)
Code Academy LLCRyzac, Inc. d/b/a Codecademy
codeacademy.comComplaint denied
D2012-0858 (HTML)
D2012-0858 (Word)
Hyundai Card Co., Ltd.Domains By Proxyhyundiacard.comTransfer
D2012-0859 (HTML)
D2012-0859 (Word)
Hyundai Card Co., Domain Privacy / Shu Linhuyndaicard.comTransfer
D2012-0860 (HTML)
D2012-0860 (Word)
Kind, LLC f/k/a Peaceworks Holding LLC and PeaceworksDomains by Proxy, Inc. / Private Registration / Sarah Formandothekindthing.comComplaint denied
D2012-0861 (HTML)
D2012-0861 (Word)
Mobsat Group HOlding SARLSharon Ting (CTLGDN-564616)vizadamail.comTransfer
D2012-0862 (HTML)
D2012-0862 (Word)
Association Robert MazarsSteven
D2012-0863 (HTML)
D2012-0863 (Word)
LEGO Juris A/SSimonovi Eoodbglego.comTransfer
D2012-0864 (HTML)
D2012-0864 (Word)
Shanghai Pinpoint Network-Tech co., Ltd.
D2012-0865Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.-linkisintesasanpaolo.comTerminated
D2012-0866 (HTML)
D2012-0866 (Word)
MasterCard International IncorporatedDomain Adminmmastercard.comTransfer
D2012-0867 (HTML)
D2012-0867 (Word), /Privacy Domain Manager a subsidiary of Taylored Web Creationsfantagemobile.comTransfer
D2012-0868 (HTML)
D2012-0868 (Word)
Frostwire, LLCvoxzo, Danil Erko
D2012-0869 (HTML)
D2012-0869 (Word)
Walter P. Maksym, Jr.Taeho Kim a/k/a Steve Kerry d/b/a North West Enterprise Inc., KerryWeb Enterprise, Inc, and WWW Enterprise, Inc / Dzone Inc.dietsdontwork.comComplaint denied
D2012-0870 (HTML)
D2012-0870 (Word)
Totes Isotoner totesumbrellas.orgTransfer
D2012-0871 (HTML)
D2012-0871 (Word)
The American Automobile Association, Inc. AAA Automotiveaaaautomotiveservices.comTransfer
D2012-0872 (HTML)
D2012-0872 (Word)
Reynolds American Inc.
Reynolds Innovations Inc., Domain Admin / Juan DIego Alvarez, Santiago Holdings Ltdcamelcigarette.comTransfer
D2012-0873 (HTML)
D2012-0873 (Word)
LEGO Juris A/SHosted LLClegoinstrument.comTransfer
D2012-0874MICYS Company S.P.A.-pupa.comTerminated
D2012-0875 (HTML)
D2012-0875 (Word)
Arla Foods ambaBel Arbor / Domain Admin, PrivacyProtect.orgarla-foods.orgTransfer
D2012-0876 (HTML)
D2012-0876 (Word)
Bottega Veneta International S.A.R.L.Domain
D2012-0877 (HTML)
D2012-0877 (Word)
Caisse Nationale des Allocations FamilialesDomain Discreet Privacy Service / Medya Grup, Ozaltin Haydarallocation-caf.comTransfer
D2012-0878 (HTML)
D2012-0878 (Word)
The California Milk Processor BoardJade Dominguezgotmilktea.comTransfer
D2012-0879 (HTML)
D2012-0879 (Word)
Apple Computer, / Private Registrations Aktien
D2012-0880 (HTML)
D2012-0880 (Word)
Apple Computer, Inc.All Alamsaplestore.comTransfer
D2012-0881Patten Seed Company d/b/a Super-Sod-supersod.orgTerminated
D2012-0882 (HTML)
D2012-0882 (Word)
SIEMENS Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.SOLID Applications Ltdsolidedgeuk.comComplaint denied
D2012-0883 (HTML)
D2012-0883 (Word)
Novo Nordisk A/SKenobi, LLC. novologflexpen.orgTransfer
D2012-0884 (HTML)
D2012-0884 (Word)
Aldo Group International AG.
The Aldo Group Inc.
Cai Linlan
Feng Feng
Qi Shen
D2012-0885 (HTML)
D2012-0885 (Word)
Frostwire, LLCRinandy Arbuisfrostwirereview.comTransfer
D2012-0886 (HTML)
D2012-0886 (Word)
LEGO Juris A/SSeonghwan Kimlegoarts.comTransfer
D2012-0887 (HTML)
D2012-0887 (Word)
Swarovski Aktiengesellschaftzhang jieswarovskiverkauf.comTransfer
D2012-0888 (HTML)
D2012-0888 (Word)
Guccio Gucci S.p.A.Fujian Anfu
Zhiyuan Zou
Zouzhi Zhou
D2012-0889 (HTML)
D2012-0889 (Word)
Swarovski AktiengesellschaftWhoisGuard / Phily Helenswarovskioutletshop.comTransfer
D2012-0890 (HTML)
D2012-0890 (Word)
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KGName Redactedboerhinger.comTransfer
D2012-0891 (HTML)
D2012-0891 (Word)
Neste Oil OyjFöreningen Greenpeace –
Complaint denied with dissenting opinion
D2012-0892 (HTML)
D2012-0892 (Word)
Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A. Host Master, Transure Enterprise Ltd ancaintesa.comTransfer
D2012-0893 (HTML)
D2012-0893 (Word)
BT España Compañia de Servicios Globales de Telecomunicaciones, S.A.U.Inland Trader Ontiyent, S.L.
Lorraine Harris
non organization
D2012-0894Tyson Foods, Inc.-tysonfoods.infoTerminated
D2012-0895 (HTML)
D2012-0895 (Word)
F. Hoffmann-La Roche AGJoliMarivaliumcheappill.comTransfer
D2012-0896Pittarello Calzature S.p.A.
Pittarello Service S.P.A.
D2012-0897 (HTML)
D2012-0897 (Word)
Dyson LimitedFundacion Private Whois / PPA Media Servicesdysonball.comTransfer
D2012-0898 (HTML)
D2012-0898 (Word)
Swarovski AktiengesellschaftProtected Domain Services/ flushy, flushy kittyswarovskioutletsale.comTransfer
D2012-0899LEGO Juris A/S-sflego.comTerminated
D2012-0900Mediq N.V.-mediq.bizTerminated
D2012-0901 (HTML)
D2012-0901 (Word)
Swarovski AktiengesellschaftJoseph J.
D2012-0902 (HTML)
D2012-0902 (Word)
bambu, LLC.
Domains by Proxy, LLC/ Jamil Bouchareb
D2012-0903Serta, Inc.-perfectdayiseriesmattress.comTerminated
D2012-0904 (HTML)
D2012-0904 (Word)
Visible Technologies, Inc.Visibli Inc./ Saif Ajanivisibli.comTerminated by Panel (order published)
D2012-0905 (HTML)
D2012-0905 (Word)
SMA Solar Technology AGSpecialized Micro Architects and Michael A. Platkosma.comComplaint denied
D2012-0906 (HTML)
D2012-0906 (Word)
Beachbody, LLCFundacion Private Whois
He Annie
D2012-0907 (HTML)
D2012-0907 (Word)
F. Hoffmann-La Roche AGFundacion Private Whoispurchasevalium.netTransfer
D2012-0908Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S.-turkcellplatform.comTerminated
D2012-0909 (HTML)
D2012-0909 (Word)
Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.Fundacion Private
D2012-0910 (HTML)
D2012-0910 (Word)
“Dr. Maertens” Marketing GmbH
“Dr. Martens” International Trading GmbH
Shanbei Fu a.k.a. fushanbeinyadrmartens.comTransfer
D2012-0911 (HTML)
D2012-0911 (Word)
"Dr. Maertens" Marketing GmbH
"Dr. Martens" International Trading GmbH
Qing Makopadrmartens.comTransfer
D2012-0912 (HTML)
D2012-0912 (Word)
Ipsos S.A.Nurinet ipsosmori.comTransfer
D2012-0913LEGO Juris A/S-lego-mindstorms-nxt2.comTerminated
D2012-0914 (HTML)
D2012-0914 (Word)
The Football Association Premier League LimitedIT-NORIND, Bhutanipremierleagueshop.comTransfer
D2012-0915 (HTML)
D2012-0915 (Word)
Compagnie Générale des Etablissements Michelin (Michelin)Ma Ying Jo
D2012-0916 (HTML)
D2012-0916 (Word)
The Football Association Premier League LimitedBillettkontoret ASpremierleagueticketservice.comTransfer
D2012-0917 (HTML)
D2012-0917 (Word)
The Football Association Premier League LimitedDavid Wilsonpremierleagueticketsonline.comTransfer
D2012-0918 (HTML)
D2012-0918 (Word)
Poundland LimitedDealz.comdealz.comComplaint denied
D2012-0919 (HTML)
D2012-0919 (Word)
Detur International B.V.
Tatil Seyahat Turizm Anonim Şirketi
Vertical Axis Inc. detur.comComplaint denied with dissenting opinion
D2012-0920 (HTML)
D2012-0920 (Word)
Frostwire, LLCHerki Hitrov / PrivacyProtect.orgfrostwirepro.orgTransfer
D2012-0921 (HTML)
D2012-0921 (Word)
Expedia, Inc.Matias Luqueexpediaturismo.comTransfer
D2012-0922 (HTML)
D2012-0922 (Word)
General Electric Inspection Technologies, LPAdvanced Inspection Technologies, Inc.
Domains By Proxy, LLC
D2012-0923 (HTML)
D2012-0923 (Word)
Costco Wholesale Corporation
Costco Wholesale Membership, Inc.
Richard Baptistecostcobestoffer.comTransfer
D2012-0924 (HTML)
D2012-0924 (Word)
Stay In Bed Milk & Bread Pty Ltd
The Uder Company Pty Ltd
D2012-0925 (HTML)
D2012-0925 (Word)
New Horizons Education CorporationBenchmark
D2012-0926M&M Incorporated-flexbelts.orgTerminated
D2012-0927 (HTML)
D2012-0927 (Word)
MasterCard International IncorporatedSonia Coombsmastercardmerchantaccount.orgTransfer
D2012-0928 (HTML)
D2012-0928 (Word)
Giorgio Armani S.p.A. Milan Swiss Branch Mendrisio emporio armani watchesemporio-armaniwatches.comTransfer
D2012-0929Serviço Nacional Brasileiro de Apoio as Micro E Pequenas Empresas - SEBRAE-sebrae.orgTerminated
D2012-0930Serviço Nacional Brasileiro de Apoio as Micro E Pequenas Empresas - SEBRAE-sebrae.netTerminated
D2012-0931LEGO Juris A/S-legoboyproductions.comTerminated
D2012-0932 (HTML)
D2012-0932 (Word)
Artemis Suisse SAFundacion Private Whoisartemiscosmetics.comTransfer
D2012-0933 (HTML)
D2012-0933 (Word)
Hertz System, Inc.Curtis Treadwelllovehertztoo.comTransfer
D2012-0934 (HTML)
D2012-0934 (Word)
Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A.Wang
D2012-0935LEGO Juris A/S-legocollect.bizTerminated
D2012-0936 (HTML)
D2012-0936 (Word)
Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A.Bi Meng Shanferragamousa.comTransfer
D2012-0937 (HTML)
D2012-0937 (Word)
Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A.China Ferragamochina-ferragamo.comTransfer
D2012-0938Valero Energy Corporation
Valero Marketing and Supply Company
D2012-0939 (HTML)
D2012-0939 (Word)
Valero Energy Corporation
Valero Marketing and Supply Company and Maying Joevalerogasstation.comTransfer
D2012-0940 (HTML)
D2012-0940 (Word)
Claro S/ARicardo Barnabéclarofixo.comTransfer
D2012-0941 (HTML)
D2012-0941 (Word)
Bardón Y Rufo 67, S.L.ColDen Communications, Nova Hosting, Dragon Group, Tina Cross malaga-cars.comComplaint denied
D2012-0942Cerruti 1881 s.a.s.-cerruti1881.comTerminated
D2012-0943design3000 Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH-design-3000.comTerminated
D2012-0944 (HTML)
D2012-0944 (Word)
LEGO Juris A/Smochamad hidayatlego-spielzeug.infoTransfer
D2012-0945 (HTML)
D2012-0945 (Word)
LEGO Juris A/SEclean, Herdi Kusumalegoproperty.comTransfer
D2012-0947Sevenstar Yacht Transport B.V.-sevenstaryachttransport.comTerminated
D2012-0948 (HTML)
D2012-0948 (Word)
Osram AGExecom osram-mexico.comTransfer
D2012-0949 (HTML)
D2012-0949 (Word)
F. Hoffmann-La Roche / Khokhlov Yuriyvaliumonlinebuy.netTransfer
D2012-0950Jack Wolfskin Ausrüstung von Draussen GmbH & Co. KGaA-jackwolfskinsale.comTerminated
D2012-0951Apple Computer, Inc.-iphone5.comTerminated
D2012-0952 (HTML)
D2012-0952 (Word)
DoorKing, IncUnited Marketing Group,
Complaint denied
D2012-0953 (HTML)
D2012-0953 (Word)
LEGO Juris A/SGuo Ronglegowebsite.orgTransfer
D2012-0954 (HTML)
D2012-0954 (Word)
Pepsico, Inc.Puede Serpuedeserpepsi.comTransfer
D2012-0955 (HTML)
D2012-0955 (Word)
"Dr. Maertens" Marketing GmbH
"Dr. Martens" International Trading GmbH
Cao Liudrmartensmyynti.comTransfer
D2012-0956 (HTML)
D2012-0956 (Word)
Rock im Park / Rock Im Park Festival Wien rockimpark.comTransfer
D2012-0957 (HTML)
D2012-0957 (Word)
Vans, Inc.guruoyu, chen fali
D2012-0958 (HTML)
D2012-0958 (Word)
Berman Skin Institute Medical Group, Inc.Private Whoisbermanskininstitute.comTransfer
D2012-0959 (HTML)
D2012-0959 (Word)
Costco Wholesale Corporation
Costco Wholesale Membership Inc.
Asia Innovation Inc.fruitcostco.comTransfer
D2012-0960 (HTML)
D2012-0960 (Word)
Seminole Tribe of
Complaint denied
D2012-0961LEGO Juris A/S-lego8547.orgTerminated
D2012-0962 (HTML)
D2012-0962 (Word)
The American Automobile Association, Inc.Domains By Proxy, LLC / Arkady
D2012-0963 (HTML)
D2012-0963 (Word)
Frostwire, LLCTim Jones, N/Afrostwiredownload.orgTransfer
D2012-0964 (HTML)
D2012-0964 (Word)
Frostwire, LLCShane Williamsfrostwire10.comTransfer
D2012-0965 (HTML)
D2012-0965 (Word)
Paris HiltonTurvill Consultantsparishiltonsunglasses.comTransfer
D2012-0966 (HTML)
D2012-0966 (Word)
JIBBITZ, LLCRoger Laujibbitzai.comTransfer
D2012-0967 (HTML)
D2012-0967 (Word)
Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.Fundacion Private Whoisbuyaccutaneisotretinoin.comTransfer
D2012-0968 (HTML)
D2012-0968 (Word)
Swarovski Aktiengesellschafthelanxinerallswarovski.comTransfer
D2012-0969 (HTML)
D2012-0969 (Word)
Swarovski Aktiengesellschaftdd, I. Stewart Donald
ma, I. Stewart Donald
pd, I. Stewart Donald
pfd, I. Stewart Donald
D2012-0970F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG-xenical-la.comTerminated
D2012-0971LEGO Juris A/S-milleniumfalconlego.netTerminated
D2012-0972 (HTML)
D2012-0972 (Word)
Blandy & Blandy LLPMr. Daniel Beachblandyandblandy.comComplaint denied
D2012-0973Inter IKEA Systems B.V.-ikeadesk.netTerminated
D2012-0974 (HTML)
D2012-0974 (Word)
Vakko Holding Anonim ŞirketiG&R Internationalvakkojewellery.comTransfer
D2012-0975 (HTML)
D2012-0975 (Word)
American Diabetes AssociationYao Yaodiabetes-care-journal.comTransfer
D2012-0976Shawn Carter-jayzgroup.comTerminated
D2012-0977 (HTML)
D2012-0977 (Word)
Groupe / "Privat Person", Rishat Dunaev auchan-catalogue.comTransfer
D2012-0978 (HTML)
D2012-0978 (Word)
Groupe AuchanArab4Des Coauchangallery.comTransfer
D2012-0979 (HTML)
D2012-0979 (Word)
Swarovski AktiengesellschaftWhois Privacy Protection Service, Inc./ ning ningswarovskiuk.netTransfer
D2012-0980Missoni S.p.A.-missonitowels.orgTerminated
D2012-0981 (HTML)
D2012-0981 (Word)
Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.Fundacion Private Whoisonlinebuyaccutane.comTransfer
D2012-0982ING Vysya Foundation
ING Vysya Life Insurance Company Ltd
D2012-0983 (HTML)
D2012-0983 (Word)
F. Hoffmann-La Roche AGFundacion Private Whoisxenicalmedstore.comTransfer
D2012-0984 (HTML)
D2012-0984 (Word)
LEGO Juris A/SKlevrings Sverige AB / Mikael Rendahllegoextra.comTransfer
D2012-0985Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.-buyaccutanehereonline.comTerminated
D2012-0986Missoni S.p.A.-missonitowels.netTerminated
D2012-0987 (HTML)
D2012-0987 (Word)
Aktiebolaget Gokhan KAZAK electroluxbeyazesyaservisi.netTransfer
D2012-0988Missoni S.p.A.-discountmissoni.comTerminated
D2012-0989 (HTML)
D2012-0989 (Word)
PALFINGER AGCheng Lisany-palfinger.comTransfer
D2012-0990 (HTML)
D2012-0990 (Word)
Palfinger AGJun Wangpalfinger-sany.comTransfer
D2012-0991 (HTML)
D2012-0991 (Word)
Palfinger AGchangshaxiushijiewangluojishuyouxiangongsisanypalfinger.comTransfer
D2012-0992 (HTML)
D2012-0992 (Word)
Dice Partners, Inc.Joshua
Complaint denied
D2012-0993 (HTML)
D2012-0993 (Word)
Normalu SAKtdombarrisolart.comTransfer
D2012-0994 (HTML)
D2012-0994 (Word)
National Tobacco Company, L.P.
North Atlantic Operating Company, Inc.
Macarius Rizkzigzagcig.comTransfer
D2012-0995 (HTML)
D2012-0995 (Word)
LEGO Juris A/SFateha el yakhloufilegolandje.comTransfer
D2012-0996 (HTML)
D2012-0996 (Word)
Monsoon Accessorize LimitedFundacion Private Whois
Hu Shaotang
Wang Laoji
D2012-0997 (HTML)
D2012-0997 (Word)
Albir Hills Resort, S.A.Telepathy, Inc.sha.comComplaint denied
D2012-0998 (HTML)
D2012-0998 (Word)
D2012-0999Andreas Stihl AG & Co KG-stihlsawchain.comTerminated


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