World Intellectual Property Organization

WIPO UDRP Domain Name Decisions

Decisions: D2008-1200 - D2008-1399

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Last updated: Aug 28, 2016

Case Number Complainant Respondent Domain Name(s) Decision
D2008-1200 (HTML)
D2008-1200 (Word)
Wagamama LimitedTransure Enterprise Ltd.waggamama.comTransfer
D2008-1201 (HTML)
D2008-1201 (Word)
BANCO VE POR MAS, S.A.Voypomas.comvoypormas.comComplaint denied
D2008-1202 (HTML)
D2008-1202 (Word)
Dow Jones & Company, Inc
Dow Jones, L.P
Marketing Total S.Awsjcareers.comTransfer
D2008-1203 (HTML)
D2008-1203 (Word)
Global Fine Art Registry Cartoon Heavenaboutfineartregistry.comTransfer
D2008-1204 (HTML)
D2008-1204 (Word)
Windsolutions SarlJin-Hak Yoocopytrans.comTransfer
D2008-1205Which? Limited-whichshop.netTerminated
D2008-1206 (HTML)
D2008-1206 (Word)
Hogrefe AGNey Limongerorschachonline.comComplaint denied
D2008-1207Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A-webmailsanpaoloimi.comTerminated
D2008-1208 (HTML)
D2008-1208 (Word)
Kennolyn Camp CorporationTexas International Property Associates - NA NAkennolyncamp.comTransfer
D2008-1209Sportsman's Warehouse Inc.-sportsmanswarehous.comTerminated
D2008-1210 (HTML)
D2008-1210 (Word)
Velcro Industries B.V.
Yang Zhong Dong Yunchinavelcro.comTransfer
D2008-1211 (HTML)
D2008-1211 (Word)
Care Management Associates Inc.RV Central, Susan Haginfloridaassistedliving.comComplaint denied
D2008-1212 (HTML)
D2008-1212 (Word)
D2008-1213 (HTML)
D2008-1213 (Word)
Société Air FranceKristin Hirsch, Hirsch Companyairfrancesite.infoTransfer
D2008-1214Pioneer Newspapers Inc.,-evanstonreview.comTerminated
D2008-1215 (HTML)
D2008-1215 (Word)
Occidental Hoteles Management, S.ATexas International Propertyoccidentahotels.comTransfer
D2008-1216 (HTML)
D2008-1216 (Word)
Balglow Finance S.A.
Fortuna Comércio e Franquias Ltda.
Name Administration Inc. (BVI)chillibeans.comTransfer
D2008-1217 (HTML)
D2008-1217 (Word)
AB Volvo
Volvo Car Corporation
Volvo Trademark Holding AB
Khaled Malhasvolvoblis.comTransfer
D2008-1218Plentyoffish Media, Inc.-plentyoffishdatingnow.comTerminated
D2008-1219 (HTML)
D2008-1219 (Word)
Société AIR FRANCEAngelika
D2008-1220 (HTML)
D2008-1220 (Word)
Société AIR FRANCENadine
D2008-1221HM Publishers Holdings Ltd-embojournal.comTerminated
D2008-1222 (HTML)
D2008-1222 (Word)
Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.Net Infowwwsanpaolobancodinapoli.comTransfer
D2008-1223 (HTML)
D2008-1223 (Word)
Xunet Technology Co., Ltd.
D2008-1224J.C.F. Indústria e Comércio Ltda-joge.comTerminated
D2008-1225 (HTML)
D2008-1225 (Word)
Costco Wholesale Corporation
Costco Wholesale Membership Inc.
Price Costco International, Inc.
Pacific Home Remodeling
D2008-1226SAINT BRICE-unigro.comTerminated
D2008-1227 (HTML)
D2008-1227 (Word)
Palma Pictures the Mediterranean Production Centre S.L.Miguel Angel Fontana Pueyopalmapictures.comComplaint denied
D2008-1228Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products LP-brawny.comTerminated
D2008-1229 (HTML)
D2008-1229 (Word)
Hotel Connect Ltd.Bob Martinhotelsconnect.comTransfer
D2008-1230 (HTML)
D2008-1230 (Word)
AllianceBernstein LPTexas International Property Associates - NA NAallaincebernstein.comTransfer
D2008-1231 (HTML)
D2008-1231 (Word)
Amelia Almuedo MojarroCasa Almuedo e Hijos, NCR
Manuel Almuedo Muñoz
D2008-1232Hallmark Licensing, Inc.-hallmarkcontest.comTerminated
D2008-1233 (HTML)
D2008-1233 (Word)
Hein Gericke Deutschland GmbHRiver Cruise Investments Ltd.
William Vaughan
D2008-1234 (HTML)
D2008-1234 (Word)
Union Square Partnership District Management Association, Inc.
Union Square Partnership, Inc. Private Registrant and Private
D2008-1235 (HTML)
D2008-1235 (Word)
Patek Philippe S.A.Teiichiro Tachibanapatekphilippe.orgTransfer
D2008-1236 (HTML)
D2008-1236 (Word)
Capital One Financial CorporationRyan
D2008-1237Osram GmbH-osrambulbs.mobiTerminated
D2008-1238Deutsche Telekom AG-t-mobileservice.comTerminated
D2008-1239 (HTML)
D2008-1239 (Word)
Compagnie Gervais DanoneDomain Management, Syed Hussainyakultdanone.comCancellation
D2008-1240 (HTML)
D2008-1240 (Word)
ACCORTraffic Label Limitedsofitelcasino.comTransfer
D2008-1241Atmel Corporation-atmle.comTerminated
D2008-1242 (HTML)
D2008-1242 (Word)
Wal-Mart Stores Inc.Cornerstone Marketing Group1800walmart.comTransfer
D2008-1243 (HTML)
D2008-1243 (Word)
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.Legal
D2008-1245Newcastle Permanent Building Society Limited-newcastlepermenant.comTerminated
D2008-1246 (HTML)
D2008-1246 (Word)
Sanofi-AventisCash Advance Networking, david schombergacompliarimonabantzimulti.comCancellation
D2008-1247 (HTML)
D2008-1247 (Word)
Compagnie Gervais DanoneWerner Fischer-Weppleractimelisiert.comCancellation
D2008-1248 (HTML)
D2008-1248 (Word)
ACCOR Jose Andres Buenfil Gomeznovotelplaya.comTransfer
D2008-1249 (HTML)
D2008-1249 (Word)
L’OREALLarry Hustonlorealinnovation.comTransfer
D2008-1250 (HTML)
D2008-1250 (Word)
Four Seasons Hotels LimitedPrivacy Whois Escrow Domains Private Limited/LAKSH INTERNET SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED.fourseasonspuntamita.comTransfer
D2008-1251 (HTML)
D2008-1251 (Word)
Columbia Insurance Company
Shaw Industries Group, Inc.
Domain Discreet/Sarah Raudales, Arizona Vacation Rental Homesshawcarpets.infoTransfer
D2008-1252 (HTML)
D2008-1252 (Word)
Norbert A. / Vertical Axis, Inc, Domain Administratorcrazygirls.comComplaint denied
D2008-1253 (HTML)
D2008-1253 (Word)
Intuit Inc.Salvia Corporationintiut.comTransfer
D2008-1254 (HTML)
D2008-1254 (Word)
Artemides Holdings Pty LtdGee Whiz Domains Privacy Service/ Gregory Ricksbardot.comComplaint denied
D2008-1255 (HTML)
D2008-1255 (Word)
Jelique Products Inc.cybarcafetastytwist.comComplaint denied
D2008-1256 (HTML)
D2008-1256 (Word)
FOSS NIRSystems INC c/o Whois IDentity Shield /Admin, Domainfossnirsystems.comTransfer
D2008-1257 (HTML)
D2008-1257 (Word)
Wink NYC Inc.Wink New
Complaint denied
D2008-1258 (HTML)
D2008-1258 (Word)
Sepracor Inc.Shonkin Inc.buylunesta.orgTransfer
D2008-1259 (HTML)
D2008-1259 (Word)
7th Kid Entertainment, Inc.Self carolinespine.comComplaint denied
D2008-1261 (HTML)
D2008-1261 (Word)
ALDI GmbH & Co. KG.Dariusz Hilinskialdi-market.comTransfer
D2008-1262ALDI GmbH & Co. KG.-aldirecipes.comTerminated
D2008-1263 (HTML)
D2008-1263 (Word)
Grundfos A/SWhois Privacy Protection Services, Inc. / Bridge Port Enterprises Limitedgrundfros.comTransfer
D2008-1264 (HTML)
D2008-1264 (Word)
ECOM Electronic Components Trading GmbHAlta R., Alta R. Servicesaxega.comTransfer
D2008-1265 (HTML)
D2008-1265 (Word)
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.Walter Nayda1800samsclub.comTransfer
D2008-1266 (HTML)
D2008-1266 (Word)
Harry Winston, Inc.
Harry Winston, S.A.
D2008-1267 (HTML)
D2008-1267 (Word)
Harry Winston, Inc.
Harry Winston, S.A.
Domains by Proxy, Inc. / Jennifer Kathermanhairywinston.comComplaint denied
D2008-1268Matki plc-matki.comTerminated
D2008-1269 (HTML)
D2008-1269 (Word)
The Press Association LimitedFIG Vietnampressassociation.comTransfer, Inc.-edmuinds.comTerminated
D2008-1271 (HTML)
D2008-1271 (Word)
Triarco Arts & Crafts, Inc.Texas International Property Associates - NA NAtriarcoartsandcrafts.comTransfer
D2008-1272 (HTML)
D2008-1272 (Word)
ICDAS Steel, Energy, Shipbuilding and Transport Industries Co.Domain Admin, RegistrarAds, Incicdas.comTransfer
D2008-1273 (HTML)
D2008-1273 (Word)
Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Sprüngli AGWeb Services Ptyghirardellichocolate.comTransfer
D2008-1274 (HTML)
D2008-1274 (Word)
Danfoss A/SBelize Domain WHOIS Service Lt.wwwdanfoss.comTransfer
D2008-1275 (HTML)
D2008-1275 (Word)
PartyGaming IA Limited
PartyGaming Plc.
Harry Thomasgamebukers.comComplaint denied
D2008-1276 (HTML)
D2008-1276 (Word)
The Dow Chemical CompanyHwang Yiyicn-dow.comTransfer
D2008-1277La Quinta Worldwide L.L.C.-laquintadeals.comTerminated
D2008-1279Companie Gervais Danone-activia.mobiTerminated
D2008-1280Galderma SA-nutraplus.comTerminated
D2008-1281 (HTML)
D2008-1281 (Word)
Harte-Hanks, Inc.Texas International Property
D2008-1282 (HTML)
D2008-1282 (Word)
Recruitech, Inc.Mark, Segalrecruitek.comTransfer
D2008-1283 (HTML)
D2008-1283 (Word)
Costco Wholesale Corporation
Costco Wholesale Membership, Inc.
Cindy Chaucostcogift.comTransfer
D2008-1284 (HTML)
D2008-1284 (Word)
Chuck LiddellDomain Administration Limited INTERNET SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED
D2008-1285 (HTML)
D2008-1285 (Word)
Galley, Inc.Pride Marketing & Procurementgalley.comComplaint denied with dissenting opinion
D2008-1286Intuit Inc.-intuitcentral.comTerminated
D2008-1287Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.-tamiflupills.comTerminated
D2008-1288 (HTML)
D2008-1288 (Word)
Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.Franck Dossa and INNternetwfortlauderdaleresidence.comTransfer
D2008-1289CuraScript, Inc.-curiscript.comTerminated
D2008-1290Dailymotion SA-dailymotionpictures.comTerminated
D2008-1291 (HTML)
D2008-1291 (Word)
Mäurer + Wirtz GmbH & Co. KGColonial Drug /Domains by Proxy, Inc.4711cologne.comTransfer
D2008-1292 (HTML)
D2008-1292 (Word)
Mundo Joven Travel Shop, S.A. de C.V.NET Technologies, Ricardo Barronmundojoven.comTransfer
D2008-1293John Conti Coffee Company-johnconticoffee.comTerminated
D2008-1294 (HTML)
D2008-1294 (Word)
News-Journal CorporationAmatzia Benartzimytopia.comComplaint denied
D2008-1295 (HTML)
D2008-1295 (Word)
MasterCard International IncorporatedJuan Curtisfree-mastercard.comTransfer
D2008-1296Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.-buy--tamiflu.comTerminated
D2008-1297 (HTML)
D2008-1297 (Word)
Ricardo Zema Participacoes LtdaJohn Laxtonzema.comTransfer
D2008-1298 (HTML)
D2008-1298 (Word)
D2008-1299F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG-valiums.netTerminated
D2008-1300 (HTML)
D2008-1300 (Word)
Villeroy & Boch AGWhois Data Shield/Hong Kong Names LLC.villeroyandboch.comTransfer
D2008-1301 (HTML)
D2008-1301 (Word)
Hawaii Superferry, Inc.Domain Park Limited, hostmaster hostmasterhawaiiislandsuperferry.comTransfer
D2008-1302 (HTML)
D2008-1302 (Word)
Express Scripts, Inc.Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc. / Domaindeals, Domain Administratorexpresscripts.comTransfer
D2008-1303Express Scripts, Inc.-expres-scripts.comTerminated
D2008-1304 (HTML)
D2008-1304 (Word)
Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij
Société Air France
Transure Enterprise Ltd, Host
D2008-1305 (HTML)
D2008-1305 (Word)
D2008-1306Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij
Société Air France
D2008-1307 (HTML)
D2008-1307 (Word)
Conyers Pediatrics, P.C.dan eysieconyerspediatrics.comTransfer
D2008-1308 (HTML)
D2008-1308 (Word)
VESTEY GROUP LIMITEDGeorge Collinsvesteygroup.comTransfer
D2008-1309 (HTML)
D2008-1309 (Word)
Six Continents Hotels, Inc.GBT - Domains For Sale and Leaseholidayinnphiphi.comTransfer
D2008-1311National Collegiate Athletic Association-wwwncaa.orgTerminated
D2008-1312On the Beach Limited-otbeachholidays.comTerminated
D2008-1313 (HTML)
D2008-1313 (Word)
David RobinsonBrendhan, Hight / MDNH denied
D2008-1314 (HTML)
D2008-1314 (Word)
Companhia Hotéis Palace S.A.David Webbcopacabanapalace.comTransfer
D2008-1315 (HTML)
D2008-1315 (Word)
Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.Dariusz Hermanwhotels.netTransfer
D2008-1316 (HTML)
D2008-1316 (Word)
Comcast Sportsnet Philadelphia, L.PPrivacy Protection / LAKSH INTERNET SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITEDcomcastsports.comTransfer
D2008-1317 (HTML)
D2008-1317 (Word)
Intuit Inc.E-Z-P INC, Martin Ellenbogenquickbookschecks.comTransfer
D2008-1318Sepracor Inc.-lunestra.comTerminated
D2008-1319Hoffmann-La Roche
D2008-1320 (HTML)
D2008-1320 (Word)
Argy, Wiltse & Robinson. P.C.Domain Administrator, TRFCN Inc.argy.comTransfer
D2008-1321 (HTML)
D2008-1321 (Word)
Games Workshop LimitedAdmin, Domain forgeworld.comComplaint denied
D2008-1322 (HTML)
D2008-1322 (Word)
Raccords et Plastiques denied
D2008-1323Deutsche Telekom AG-telekom-sex.comTerminated
D2008-1324 (HTML)
D2008-1324 (Word)
Vanguard Trademark Holdings USA, LLCAutomatic Webnationalcars.comTransfer
D2008-1325 (HTML)
D2008-1325 (Word)
Vanguard Trademark Holdings USA, LLC European Travel Networkalamo-sucks.comTransfer
D2008-1326 (HTML)
D2008-1326 (Word)
Kaehler Travelworks, LLCTexas International Property Associates - NA NAkaehlerluggage.comTransfer
D2008-1327 (HTML)
D2008-1327 (Word)
Cliffe Dekker, Inc
Hofmeyr Inc
Information Servicescliffedekkerhofmeyr.comTransfer
D2008-1328AIDA Cruises German Branch of Societá di Crociere Mercurio S.r.L.-aida-clubschiff.infoTerminated
D2008-1329 (HTML)
D2008-1329 (Word)
Product Partners, LLCLaksh Internet Solutions Private Limitedwwwbeachbody.comTransfer
D2008-1330Ticketmaster -cheapticketmaster.comTerminated
D2008-1332Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH-mediasaturn.comTerminated
D2008-1333 (HTML)
D2008-1333 (Word)
Super-Krete International, Inc.Concrete Solutions, Inc. supercrete.comComplaint denied
D2008-1334 (HTML)
D2008-1334 (Word)
Adidas AGFootball di Luppi Paolo/ Paolo Luppi
Mr. Football di Luppi Paolo
D2008-1335 (HTML)
D2008-1335 (Word)
Consitex S.A.
Ermenegildo Zegna Corporation
Lanificio Ermenegildo Zegna & Figli S.p.A.
Jil Sander/ SML limited/ Sandy
D2008-1336 (HTML)
D2008-1336 (Word)
Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH
Fra Zero Tech, Alexey Gavrilovbuyamaryl.comTransfer
D2008-1337 (HTML)
D2008-1337 (Word)
Tigre S.A. Tubos e ConexõesTubo Forte S.A.C.tigreperu.comTransfer
D2008-1338 (HTML)
D2008-1338 (Word)
BHP Billiton Innovation Pty Ltd
BMA Alliance Coal Operations Pty Ltd
D2008-1339 (HTML)
D2008-1339 (Word)
Ceritler Bilgi Hizmetleri Ltd.Sti.
Mr.Ali Nabi Cerit
Ceritler Konfeksiyon Sanayi Ve Tic.Ltd.Sti
Complaint denied
D2008-1340 (HTML)
D2008-1340 (Word)
AIDA Cruises German Branch of Società di Crociere Mercurio S.r.L.Stanislaw Herman, Biuro Pomocy Adwokackiej i Pataidakreuzfahrt.comTransfer
D2008-1341AIDA Cruises German Branch of Società di Crociere Mercurio S.r.l.-aida-cruise.comTerminated
D2008-1342 (HTML)
D2008-1342 (Word)
Rewe Touristik Hotels & Investment GmbHGregory Ricks /Gee Whiz Domains Privacy Serviceslti.comTransfer
D2008-1343 (HTML)
D2008-1343 (Word)
Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.Patsy Hailvalium-no-prescription.infoTransfer
D2008-1344 (HTML)
D2008-1344 (Word)
Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.Kevin Changaccutaneandacne.comTransfer
D2008-1345 (HTML)
D2008-1345 (Word)
Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.Andrew
D2008-1346 (HTML)
D2008-1346 (Word)
F. Hoffmann-La Roche AGTommy Leeroacne.comTransfer
D2008-1347 (HTML)
D2008-1347 (Word)
Daysoft LimitedNewmarket International, Austin Spencerdaysoft.comComplaint denied
D2008-1348International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers-iam933.netTerminated
D2008-1349Bayer HealthCare LLC-neo-synephrine.comTerminated
D2008-1350 (HTML)
D2008-1350 (Word)
Bayer HealthCare LLCShen Kaixinneosynephrine.comTransfer
D2008-1351 (HTML)
D2008-1351 (Word)
Festival International de Jazz de Montréal Inc.
L'Équipe Spectra Inc
D2008-1352 (HTML)
D2008-1352 (Word)
Krause Publications, Inc.BWI Domainsgundigest.comTransfer
D2008-1353 (HTML)
D2008-1353 (Word)
Krause Publications, Inc.Ali Aziznumismaticnews.comTransfer
D2008-1354 (HTML)
D2008-1354 (Word)
Crown Melbourne LimitedMr Angus Aitkencrowncasinolasvegas.comTransfer
D2008-1355 (HTML)
D2008-1355 (Word)
SODEXOTexas International Property Associates - NA
D2008-1356Barceló Corporación Empresarial, S.A. (BARCELÓ GROUP)-bchoteles.comTerminated
D2008-1357Andrena Lynn Douglass d/b/a Andrena Photography-andrena.comTerminated
D2008-1358 (HTML)
D2008-1358 (Word)
DeTeMedien Deutsche Telekom Medien GmbHMiguel Garcia Quintasgelbe-seiten.comTransfer
D2008-1359 (HTML)
D2008-1359 (Word)
Bolsa de Valores de Sao Paulo S.A. - BVSPRobert Takovichbovespa.comTransfer
D2008-1360 (HTML)
D2008-1360 (Word)
Bolsa de Valores de São Paulo S.A. - BVSPRarenames, WebRegcblc.netComplaint denied
D2008-1361 (HTML)
D2008-1361 (Word)
Bolsa de Valores de Sao Paulo S.A. - BVSPAndre Agnolettobovespa.netTransfer
D2008-1362 (HTML)
D2008-1362 (Word)
Bolsa de Valores de Sao Paulo S.A. - Inc.cblc.comComplaint denied
D2008-1363Compass Bancshares Inc. & Compass Bank-compassbankonline.comTerminated
D2008-1364 (HTML)
D2008-1364 (Word)
Serge NormantBruce Kushnicksergenormant.comTransfer
D2008-1365 (HTML)
D2008-1365 (Word)
Bel-Ray Company Inc.Belray Caribe, S.A., Angel Pons Rourabelraysa.comTransfer
D2008-1366 (HTML)
D2008-1366 (Word)
Nycomed US Inc.Doris Mujallitemovate-online-buy.infoTransfer
D2008-1367 (HTML)
D2008-1367 (Word)
Boy Scouts of AmericaSALVADOR PRECKLER ARIASboyscout.infoTransfer
D2008-1368 (HTML)
D2008-1368 (Word)
Embarq Holdings Company
D2008-1369Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation-pbgc.comTerminated
D2008-1370 (HTML)
D2008-1370 (Word)
Pension Benefit Guaranty CorporationJohn Smithpbgc.orgTransfer
D2008-1371 (HTML)
D2008-1371 (Word)
Pension Benefit Guaranty CorporationBelize Domain WHOIS Service Ltpbgc.netTransfer
D2008-1373 (HTML)
D2008-1373 (Word)
Edward Don & CompanyBlack Bayou LLC / Domain Administratordon.netComplaint denied
D2008-1374 (HTML)
D2008-1374 (Word)
Yoogalu Pty Limited A.C.N. 002 269 132 Trading AS DomayneClickNotesdomayne-furniture.comTransfer
D2008-1375 (HTML)
D2008-1375 (Word)
Massive Inc.Ricky Park, 박해선massivekorea.comTransfer
D2008-1376Credit Industriel et Commercial S.A.-cic-forex.comTerminated
D2008-1377 (HTML)
D2008-1377 (Word)
La Société des Bains de Mer et du cercle des etrangers à MonacoGrozea Romicamontecarlograncasino.netTransfer
D2008-1378Pandurata Alimentos Ltda.-bauducco.comTerminated
D2008-1379 (HTML)
D2008-1379 (Word)
Chemical Works of Gedeon Richter PlcS.L.Covex
Transfer, cancellation in part
D2008-1380 (HTML)
D2008-1380 (Word)
ebm papst St. Georgen GmbH & Co KGAdmin, Domainpapst.comTransfer
D2008-1381 (HTML)
D2008-1381 (Word)
St. John Knits, Inc.Texas International Property Associates - NA NAsaintjohnknits.comTransfer
D2008-1382 (HTML)
D2008-1382 (Word)
Qantas Airways LimitedMinh
D2008-1383 (HTML)
D2008-1383 (Word)
Perfetti Van Melle Benelux BVJesse Lebiwotzmentosms.comTransfer
D2008-1384 (HTML)
D2008-1384 (Word)
La Société des Bains de Mer et du cercle des étrangers à MonacoSecurity Shield LLC / Pablo Palermomotecarlopoker.comTransfer
D2008-1385La Société des Bains de Mer et du cercle des étrangers à Monaco-montecarlocasinodirectory.comTerminated
D2008-1386 (HTML)
D2008-1386 (Word)
Delta Air Lines, Inc.manashosting.comdeltastarventures.comTransfer
D2008-1387La Quinta Worldwide, LLC-laquintahotel.comTerminated
D2008-1388 (HTML)
D2008-1388 (Word)
La Société des Bains de Mer et du cercle des étrangers à MonacoOded Keinan, Traffic Label
D2008-1389 (HTML)
D2008-1389 (Word)
La Quinta Worldwide, LLCAli Azizlaquintahotels.comTransfer
D2008-1390 (HTML)
D2008-1390 (Word)
Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc.MIN CHANG ILhisamitsu.comTransfer
D2008-1391Perfetti Van Melle S.p.A-chuppachup.comTerminated
D2008-1392Roche Products Inc.-videovalium.comTerminated
D2008-1393 (HTML)
D2008-1393 (Word)
Malayan Banking BerhadBeauty, Success & Truth Internationalmaybank.comTransfer
D2008-1395 (HTML)
D2008-1395 (Word)
Société Air Francejob recruitmentairfrancerecruitment.comTransfer
D2008-1397 (HTML)
D2008-1397 (Word)
Administradora de Marcas, RD, S. de R.L. de C.V.
Radiomovil Dipsa S.A. de C.V.
Jordan Smithtelcel.netTransfer
D2008-1398 (HTML)
D2008-1398 (Word)
TPI HOLDINGS, INC.Nadeem Qadiraututrader.comTransfer
D2008-1399 (HTML)
D2008-1399 (Word) IncDomain Administration Limited, David Halstead
William Vaughan


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