World Intellectual Property Organization

WIPO UDRP Domain Name Decisions

Decisions: D2007-1000 - D2007-1199

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Last updated: Jun 30, 2016

Case Number Complainant Respondent Domain Name(s) Decision
D2007-1000 (HTML)
D2007-1000 (Word)
National Football LeagueExotic Design Groupsuperbowlxliv.comTransfer
D2007-1001F. Hoffmann-La Roche
D2007-1002 (HTML)
D2007-1002 (Word)
The Enkeboll Co. dba Enkeboll DesignsDomains Venturesenkebol.comTransfer
D2007-1003 (HTML)
D2007-1003 (Word)
SDLC SASH.S Kimartrium.comComplaint denied
D2007-1004Associazione Radio Maria-radiomaria.mobiTerminated
D2007-1005 (HTML)
D2007-1005 (Word)
Sanofi-AventisDomain Specialistswwambiencr.comTransfer
D2007-1006 (HTML)
D2007-1006 (Word)
The Knot, Inc.Ali Azizmyknot.comComplaint denied with dissenting opinion
D2007-1007 (HTML)
D2007-1007 (Word)
Marko Schuhfabrik GmbHMercom Groupthink-shoes.netTransfer
D2007-1008 (HTML)
D2007-1008 (Word)
Business For Social ResponsibilityCenter for change managementbusinessforsocialresponsibility.comTransfer
D2007-1009 (HTML)
D2007-1009 (Word)
F. Hoffmann-La Roche AGDean
D2007-1010Societe Nationale des Chemins de Fer Francais (SNCF)-voyages-sncf.mobiTerminated
D2007-1011 (HTML)
D2007-1011 (Word)
AVN Media Network Inc.Hossam Shaltouteroticala.comComplaint denied
D2007-1012 (HTML)
D2007-1012 (Word)
Vet Med Direct, LLCAdam Overton dba VetMedDealsvetmeddeals.comComplaint denied
D2007-1013 (HTML)
D2007-1013 (Word)
D2007-1014Crump Insurance Services Inc.-crump.comTerminated
D2007-1015 (HTML)
D2007-1015 (Word)
Medallion Cabinetry Inc.Texas International Property
D2007-1016Operations Management International Inc.-optnet.netTerminated
D2007-1017 (HTML)
D2007-1017 (Word)
Retecasa SpAGuido
D2007-1018Alabama Power Company
The Southern Company
D2007-1019 (HTML)
D2007-1019 (Word)
TPI Holdings Inc.Shola Ajiboyeautotraderng.comTransfer
D2007-1020 (HTML)
D2007-1020 (Word)
Mr. Anthony MascoloSAL Adams
D2007-1021 (HTML)
D2007-1021 (Word)
Pepsico Inc.Johan De Broyerplanetpepsi.comTransfer
D2007-1022 (HTML)
D2007-1022 (Word)
D2007-1023Alabama Power Company
Georgia Power Company
The Southern Company
D2007-1024 (HTML)
D2007-1024 (Word)
Doctor's Associates Inc.Peter Nguyensubwaybuzz.comTransfer
D2007-1025 (HTML)
D2007-1025 (Word)
Pfizer Inc.Noblemayviagraoysters.comTransfer
D2007-1026 (HTML)
D2007-1026 (Word)
Elders LimitedDomain Administration Limited/ David Halstead eldersrealestate.comTransfer
D2007-1027 (HTML)
D2007-1027 (Word)
Elders LimitedAustralia Onlineelders.comTransfer
D2007-1028 (HTML)
D2007-1028 (Word)
Lego Juris A/SSynergy Managementlegotable.comTransfer
D2007-1029 (HTML)
D2007-1029 (Word)
Jeffrey Gorman (Jeff Gorman)Cocktails For a Causevidigreet.mobiTransfer
D2007-1030 (HTML)
D2007-1030 (Word)
VTECH HOLDING LIMITEDForsyte Corporationvtech-jouet.comTransfer
D2007-1031 (HTML)
D2007-1031 (Word)
HYDAC Technology GmbHMaison Tropicale S.A.hydacfilters.comTransfer
D2007-1032 (HTML)
D2007-1032 (Word)
Alabama Power Company
Georgia Power Company
The Southern Company
Caribbean Online International
D2007-1033 (HTML)
D2007-1033 (Word)
Bittorrent Marketing GmbHAdIntensity
Complaint denied
D2007-1034 (HTML)
D2007-1034 (Word)
MasterCard International IncorporatedUltimate Projects
D2007-1035 (HTML)
D2007-1035 (Word)
FFBP, Inc.Texas International Property Associates - NA NAbbrooksfineflowers.comTransfer
D2007-1036 (HTML)
D2007-1036 (Word)
Marathon Enterprises, Inc.William I Bauersabrett.netComplaint denied
D2007-1037 (HTML)
D2007-1037 (Word)
Operation HomefrontIllinois Office of Lt. Governor operationhomefront.orgComplaint denied
D2007-1038 (HTML)
D2007-1038 (Word)
Castlemaine Perkins Pty LimitedJean Romain Colombanixxxx.mobiComplaint denied
D2007-1039 (HTML)
D2007-1039 (Word)
United Pet Group, Inc.Texas International Property Associateseightinonepetproducts.comTransfer
D2007-1040 (HTML)
D2007-1040 (Word)
P&G Hair Care, LLC
The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G)
Domain Adminclairol-hair-products.comTransfer
D2007-1041 (HTML)
D2007-1041 (Word)
Trader CorporationCarlos
D2007-1042Weather Shield Mfg., Inc.-weathershieldal.comTerminated
D2007-1043Sport-Chek International 2000 Ltd.-sport-mart.netTerminated
D2007-1044 (HTML)
D2007-1044 (Word)
Unimin CorporationWeb Advertising, Corp.unimincanada.comTransfer
D2007-1045 (HTML)
D2007-1045 (Word)
F. Hoffmann-La Roche AGVIKRAM BINDALmedxenical.orgTransfer
D2007-1046 (HTML)
D2007-1046 (Word)
F. Hoffmann-La Roche AGVesela
D2007-1047 (HTML)
D2007-1047 (Word)
Klimex International BVDesignbureau Ltd.klimex.comTransfer
D2007-1048 (HTML)
D2007-1048 (Word)
Georgia Power Company
Gulf Power
The Southern Company
Marketing Total S.A. a/k/a Keyword Marketing, Inc. a/k/a Domain Drop
D2007-1049GMB, Inc.-camelno9.comTerminated
D2007-1050 (HTML)
D2007-1050 (Word)
Forest Laboratories, Inc.Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc.lexapro-rx-store.comTransfer
D2007-1051 (HTML)
D2007-1051 (Word)
Spearmint Rhino Companies Worldwide, Inc.Beroca Holdings B.V.I. Limitedspearmintrhino.mobiTransfer
D2007-1052 (HTML)
D2007-1052 (Word) GmbHSalvia Corporationneckermannde.comTransfer
D2007-1053 (HTML)
D2007-1053 (Word)
D2007-1054 (HTML)
D2007-1054 (Word)
McKeith Research LtdForsyte Corporationgillianmckeith.comTransfer
D2007-1055 (HTML)
D2007-1055 (Word)
Baron Philippe de Rothschild SA
N. M. Rothschild & Sons Limited
Société Civile de Château Lafite Rothschild
Beroca Holdings B.V.I.
D2007-1056 (HTML)
D2007-1056 (Word)
Grupo Ferrovial, S.A.Andy Watsonferrovialairports.comTransfer
D2007-1057 (HTML)
D2007-1057 (Word)
Double Eagle Brands N.V.
Stichting DEB
Click Cons. Ltdketleone.comTransfer
D2007-1058 (HTML)
D2007-1058 (Word)
Your Golf Travel LimitedHardelot Holidays
Complaint denied
D2007-1059 (HTML)
D2007-1059 (Word)
Medis Medical Imaging SystemsMr R. Bloxhammedis.comComplaint denied
D2007-1060F. Hoffmann-La Roche
D2007-1061 (HTML)
D2007-1061 (Word)
Lamps Plus, Inc.Cai Yulampsplus.mobiTransfer
D2007-1062iVillage Inc.-ivillageconnect.comTerminated
D2007-1063 (HTML)
D2007-1063 (Word)
Atlantic, Société Française de Développement ThermiqueDowd, Kevinatlantic.comComplaint denied
D2007-1064 (HTML)
D2007-1064 (Word)
National Football LeaguePeter Blucher d/b/a BluTech
D2007-1065 (HTML)
D2007-1065 (Word)
Tekni-Plex, Inc.Wan-Fu China, Ltd.tekniplex.comTransfer
D2007-1066 (HTML)
D2007-1066 (Word)
ALDI GmbH & Co. KG,Web Advertising, Corp.aldi-sued.orgTransfer
D2007-1067 (HTML)
D2007-1067 (Word)
D2007-1068AVENTIS Inc.
Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH
D2007-1069Tec Toy S/A,-tectoy.comTerminated
D2007-1070 (HTML)
D2007-1070 (Word)
Free State Communications, LLCWeb Development Group Ltd.ktka.comTransfer
D2007-1071 (HTML)
D2007-1071 (Word)
D2007-1073Gulf Power
The Southern Company
D2007-1074 (HTML)
D2007-1074 (Word)
Robotex Inc,eDomain.bizrobotex.comComplaint denied
D2007-1075 (HTML)
D2007-1075 (Word)
Supermarches MatchVirtual Services Corporationsupermarchematch.comTransfer
D2007-1076 (HTML)
D2007-1076 (Word)
Orona, S. Coop.Kevin Mansfieldoronagroup.comTransfer
D2007-1077 (HTML)
D2007-1077 (Word)
Fremaux DelormeOhara Gaetenoyvesdelorme.bizTransfer
D2007-1078 (HTML)
D2007-1078 (Word)
Vierol AGWhois Protectionvierol.comTransfer
D2007-1079 (HTML)
D2007-1079 (Word)
NVT Birmingham, LLC d/b/a CBS 42 WIAT-TVZJcbs42.comTransfer
D2007-1080 (HTML)
D2007-1080 (Word)
Etro S.p.A.T. N. T. TerrificNTerry Inc.etro.bizTransfer
D2007-1081 (HTML)
D2007-1081 (Word)
Alan BondInformation360
Complaint denied
D2007-1082 (HTML)
D2007-1082 (Word)
Alpine Entertainment Group, Inc.Walter Alvarezrealspanking.comTransfer
D2007-1083Carl Prediger GmbH & Co.-prediger.comTerminated
D2007-1084Debevoise & Plimpton LLP-debevoiseandplimpton.comTerminated
D2007-1085 (HTML)
D2007-1085 (Word)
Alliant Credit UnionMark Andreevalliant.orgTransfer
D2007-1086 (HTML)
D2007-1086 (Word)
Alliant Credit UnionTexas International Property Associatesaliantcreditunion.comTransfer
D2007-1087 (HTML)
D2007-1087 (Word)
Joyce Meyer Ministries, Inc.Joycemyersministries.Comjoycemyersministries.comTransfer
D2007-1088 (HTML)
D2007-1088 (Word)
Diamonique CorporationDigi Real Estate Foundationdiamoniquering.comTransfer
D2007-1089 (HTML)
D2007-1089 (Word)
Diamonique CorporationN/
D2007-1090 (HTML)
D2007-1090 (Word), Inc.Peter Shoneyedomainnamedaddy.comTransfer
D2007-1091 (HTML)
D2007-1091 (Word)
F. Hoffmann-La Roche AGNikolina
D2007-1092F. Hoffmann-La Roche
D2007-1093 (HTML)
D2007-1093 (Word)
Diamonique CorporationMaison Tropicale
D2007-1094 (HTML)
D2007-1094 (Word)
RTBD, Inc.The Goldstein Law
D2007-1095 (HTML)
D2007-1095 (Word)
Charlotte Russe Holding, Inc.Bunie.comcharlotteruss.comTransfer
D2007-1096 (HTML)
D2007-1096 (Word)
F. Hoffmann-La Roche AGHostmaster, Domain Park Limitedvalium-processing.infoTransfer
D2007-1097 (HTML)
D2007-1097 (Word)
Banca d’Intermediazione Mobiliare IMI S.p.AHundred.netbancaimi.comTransfer
D2007-1098 (HTML)
D2007-1098 (Word)
BC Northern Lights Enterprises Ltd.Sunlight Shedsbcnorthernlight.comTransfer
D2007-1099 (HTML)
D2007-1099 (Word)
Elders LimitedPrivate Companyelders.netComplaint denied
D2007-1100 (HTML)
D2007-1100 (Word)
G Y J España Ediciones S.L. en C.Chesterton Holdingsmuyjunior.comTransfer
D2007-1101 (HTML)
D2007-1101 (Word)
La Française des JeuxEINFO Pty
D2007-1102 (HTML)
D2007-1102 (Word)
Société des Bains de Mer et du Cercle des Étrangers à MonacoNoneprincemonacocasino.comTransfer
D2007-1103 (HTML)
D2007-1103 (Word)
Pelikan Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG.James
D2007-1105 (HTML)
D2007-1105 (Word)
McDonald's CorporationDavid Goldronaldmcdonaldhouse.comTransfer
D2007-1106 (HTML)
D2007-1106 (Word)
The Tulalip Tribes of WashingtonPatrick Johnson; Apple
D2007-1107Internationale Inlingua Sprachschulen-inlinguaparis.comTerminated
D2007-1108 (HTML)
D2007-1108 (Word)
SA Natixis InterepargneWhois Protectioninterepargne.comTransfer
D2007-1109SA Natixis Interepargne-natexis-interepargne.comTerminated
D2007-1110Western Health Advantage-westernhealthadvantage.comTerminated
D2007-1111 (HTML)
D2007-1111 (Word)
Western Health AdvantageDomain Drop S.A.westernhealthadvantage.orgTransfer
D2007-1112Educational Testing
D2007-1113 (HTML)
D2007-1113 (Word)
Rainbow Play Systems, Inc. RLM Innovationssunshineswingsets.comComplaint denied
D2007-1114Fleurop-Interflora Association-fluerop.comTerminated
D2007-1115 (HTML)
D2007-1115 (Word)
K Capital CorporationYang, HaeHyunkbank.comTransfer
D2007-1116 (HTML)
D2007-1116 (Word)
S.P. Cramer & Associates, Inc. d/b/a Cramer Fish SciencesDoug Demko / DomainsByProxy.comfishsciences.comComplaint denied
D2007-1117 (HTML)
D2007-1117 (Word)
Société Air FranceJose Maria Conteairfranceairfrance.comTransfer
D2007-1118Stan James (Gibraltar) Ltd-xbitm-stansbackgammon.comTerminated
D2007-1119 (HTML)
D2007-1119 (Word)
MARIE CLAIRE ALBUMNarcis Subils Pagesmarieclaire.catTransfer
D2007-1120 (HTML)
D2007-1120 (Word)
Hertz System, Inc. / The Hertz Corporation / Hertz Global Holdings, Inc. Jeff Parkherts.comTransfer
D2007-1121 (HTML)
D2007-1121 (Word)
MasterCard International IncorporatedHector Cancelmaster--card.comTransfer
D2007-1122 (HTML)
D2007-1122 (Word)
MasterCard International IncorporatedDomain Services Pty Ltd. Buy This
D2007-1123 (HTML)
D2007-1123 (Word)
Elisabeth M.J. DekkersBalata Inc.marliesdekker.comTransfer
D2007-1124 (HTML)
D2007-1124 (Word)
QSoft Consulting LimitedMark Brooksgaydarwatch.netTransfer
D2007-1125 (HTML)
D2007-1125 (Word)
RedcatsJoseli da Costa Oliveiraso-redoute.comTransfer
D2007-1126 (HTML)
D2007-1126 (Word)
Redcats SAEric Vaudonsoredoute.comTransfer
D2007-1127Société des Bains de Mer et du Cercle des Étrangers à Monaco-monacopalacecasino.comTerminated
D2007-1128Société des Bains de Mer et du Cercle des Étrangers à Monaco-monacoclubcasino.comTerminated
D2007-1129Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company-nationwideinsurance7.infoTerminated
D2007-1130 (HTML)
D2007-1130 (Word)
Nut & Boltz, Inc.Whois Protectionnutzandboltz.comTransfer
D2007-1131 (HTML)
D2007-1131 (Word)
E-bizz GmbHH. Van der Lee Beheer B.V.cdr-winkel.comComplaint denied
D2007-1132 (HTML)
D2007-1132 (Word)
Yakira LLC d/b/a Ecko Unltd.Worldengine Holdings, LLC ecko.orgTransfer
D2007-1133 (HTML)
D2007-1133 (Word)
Vienna Beef LtdTexas International Property Associatesgviennahotdogs.comTransfer
D2007-1134Sinclair International, Inc.-sinclairint.comTerminated
D2007-1135 (HTML)
D2007-1135 (Word)
Nationwide Mutual Insurance CompanyNA NA, Digi Real Estate
D2007-1136MasterCard International Incorporated-mastercardservice.comTerminated
D2007-1137 (HTML)
D2007-1137 (Word)
MasterCard International IncorporatedCyber Blue Media/Richard Randolph
D2007-1138 (HTML)
D2007-1138 (Word)
MasterCard International IncorporatedKeyword Marketing, Inc.mastercardprepaid.comTransfer
D2007-1139 (HTML)
D2007-1139 (Word)
MasterCard International IncorporatedPaul Barbellpriceless.orgTransfer
D2007-1140 (HTML)
D2007-1140 (Word)
MasterCard International IncorporatedMichael J Yanda,Indy Web
D2007-1141 (HTML)
D2007-1141 (Word)
mVisible Technologies, Inc.,bitmNavigation Catalyst Systems,
D2007-1142 (HTML)
D2007-1142 (Word)
Bayerische Motoren Werke AGWhois Protection,desertbmw.comTransfer
D2007-1143 (HTML)
D2007-1143 (Word)
Owens CorningNApinkbatts.comTransfer
D2007-1144Perfiliate Technologies Limitedm-buyat.comTerminated
D2007-1145 (HTML)
D2007-1145 (Word)
Oakwood Services Inc.britishmuseum.comTransfer
D2007-1146 (HTML)
D2007-1146 (Word)
ADİLNA İLAÇ SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş.Serhat Karadagadilna.comTransfer
D2007-1147F. Hoffmann-La Roche
D2007-1148FivePoint Federal Credit Union-fivepointcreditunion.comTerminated
D2007-1149FivePoint Federal CreditUnion-fivepointcreditunion.orgTerminated
D2007-1150 (HTML)
D2007-1150 (Word)
Sheraton International, Inc.
Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.
The Sheraton, LLC
Worldwide Franchise Systems, Inc.
KerryWeb Enterprise, Inc
North West Enterprise, Inc.
Steve Kerry
D2007-1151 (HTML)
D2007-1151 (Word)
Marvel Characters, IncChris Hansenspidermanandfriends.comTransfer
D2007-1152F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG-xenicalcancer.comTerminated
D2007-1153F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG-xenical-cancer.comTerminated
D2007-1154 (HTML)
D2007-1154 (Word)
Novabell S.p.A.Clear Imaging / Domains by Proxy Inc.novabell.comTransfer
D2007-1155 (HTML)
D2007-1155 (Word)
法国电力公司(Electricite De France)YI RONG, LIAONING 6848 INFORMATION INDUSTRY Ltd.edf.mobiTransfer
D2007-1156F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG-tamilflu-online-pharmacy.comTerminated
D2007-1157 (HTML)
D2007-1157 (Word)
La Francaise des JeuxDomain Drop S.A.coteetmatch.comTransfer
D2007-1158 (HTML)
D2007-1158 (Word)
Xuxa Promoçoes Artisticas LTDA.Birinahite Santanashowdaxuxa.comTransfer
D2007-1159 (HTML)
D2007-1159 (Word)
GMB Inc.Caribbean Online International Ltd.camelwides.comTransfer
D2007-1160 (HTML)
D2007-1160 (Word)
Deveraux DeloitteBao Shui Chendeverauxdeloitte.comTransfer
D2007-1161 (HTML)
D2007-1161 (Word)
Last Minute Network LimitedWeb Domain Nameslastminnute.comTransfer
D2007-1162 (HTML)
D2007-1162 (Word)
Mattison Avenue Corporation d/b/a Buggies UnlimitedBlockbuster Golf Cars, Inc./Domains by Proxy Inc.buggieunlimtted.comTransfer
D2007-1163 (HTML)
D2007-1163 (Word)
Adobe Systems IncorporatedDomains by Proxy Inc.
Marshall Reeves/ The MRMedia Network
D2007-1164 (HTML)
D2007-1164 (Word)
Tarkett Inc.Siarhei Chyzhevichharris-tarkett.comTransfer
D2007-1165 (HTML)
D2007-1165 (Word)
Industria e Comercio de Cosmeticos Natura Ltd.
Natura Cosmeticos S.A.
Belize Domain Whois Service
D2007-1166 (HTML)
D2007-1166 (Word)
Huppe GmbH & Co. KgWoong Kanghuppe.comTransfer
D2007-1167 (HTML)
D2007-1167 (Word)
Geometric Software Solutions Co. Ltd.Telepathy Inc.geometric.comComplaint denied with dissenting opinion
D2007-1168 (HTML)
D2007-1168 (Word)
Lime Wire LLCDavid Da Silva / Contactprivacy.comdownload-limewire-now.comTransfer
D2007-1169 (HTML)
D2007-1169 (Word)
Peachtree Doors and WindowsWhois Protectionpeachtreewindows.comTransfer
D2007-1170 (HTML)
D2007-1170 (Word)
Peachtree Doors and WindowsJ. Anthonypeachtreedoors.comTransfer
D2007-1171 (HTML)
D2007-1171 (Word) Inc.Hawkins, Cloward &
Complaint denied
D2007-1172Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG-boehringeringelheimpharmaceuticals.comTerminated
D2007-1173QSoft Consulting Limited-gaydargreece.comTerminated
D2007-1174Red Bull GmbH-redbulladrenalinerush.comTerminated
D2007-1175 (HTML)
D2007-1175 (Word)
NAF NAFHostmaster Hostmaster/ (Domain Park Limited)nafnafshop.comTransfer
D2007-1176U.S. Bank N.A.-newusbank.comTerminated
D2007-1177 (HTML)
D2007-1177 (Word)
Societe des Produits Nestle SAPatricia Andersonnessquik-club.comTransfer
D2007-1178 (HTML)
D2007-1178 (Word)
La Mutuelle Assurance des Instituteurs de France - MAIFClick Cons. Ltd.wwwmaif.comTransfer
D2007-1179 (HTML)
D2007-1179 (Word)
Elite Licensing Company S.A.
Elite Model Management
Mard Peeterselite-models.orgTransfer
D2007-1180 (HTML)
D2007-1180 (Word)
DHL Operations B.V.Shen Zhen YtExp Ltd.dhlex.comCancellation
D2007-1181 (HTML)
D2007-1181 (Word)
Harrods LimitedRob Toledoharrodsvegas.comTransfer
D2007-1182 (HTML)
D2007-1182 (Word)
Harrods LimitedJames Fanshawe, No1 Mayfair Limitedharrods2012.comTransfer
D2007-1183 (HTML)
D2007-1183 (Word)
Electricité de France (EDF)Richard Anthony
D2007-1184The Sporting Exchange Limited-betfairaffiliates.comTerminated
D2007-1185 (HTML)
D2007-1185 (Word)
Samar Beverage Industries S.A.Paul Foodyyesplease.comComplaint denied
D2007-1186GMB Inc.-camel.comTerminated
D2007-1187 (HTML)
D2007-1187 (Word)
Caixa D'Estalvis LaietanaConstramat
Emilia Pardo Oncins
D2007-1188 (HTML)
D2007-1188 (Word)
Groupama SADomain Drop S.A.wwwgroupama.comTransfer
D2007-1189 (HTML)
D2007-1189 (Word)
Gigglesworld CorporationMrs
Complaint denied
D2007-1190 (HTML)
D2007-1190 (Word)
Sassybax, L.L.C.Texas International Property Associatessassybac.comTransfer
D2007-1191 (HTML)
D2007-1191 (Word)
Cis Bio InternationalN.A. Bao Shui Chenhtrf-assays.comTransfer
D2007-1192 (HTML)
D2007-1192 (Word)
Compass Bancshares Inc. & Compass BankG Glu, Bin/ G Designcompasssbank.comTransfer
D2007-1193 (HTML)
D2007-1193 (Word)
Facebook Inc.Privacy Ltd.Disclosed Agent for YOLAPTface-book.comTransfer
D2007-1194Berliner Volksbank eG-berliner-volksbank.infoTerminated
D2007-1195 (HTML)
D2007-1195 (Word)
GE Money Bank
General Electric Company
Crazy Monikermyearthreward.comTransfer
D2007-1196 (HTML)
D2007-1196 (Word)
Caixa D'Estalvis LaietanaVictor Manuel Pendas Suarezcaixalaietana.catTransfer
D2007-1197 (HTML)
D2007-1197 (Word)
Türkiye iş Bankasi A.Ş.Mustafa Talukpriviakart.comTransfer
D2007-1198 (HTML)
D2007-1198 (Word)
Pearl Musical Instrument CompanyNoteworthy Musical Instruments LLCpearlflutes.comTransfer
D2007-1199Diamonique Corporation-diamoniquejewelery.comTerminated


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