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[cctlds-comments] WIPO ccTLD Best Practices

  Subject: [cctlds-comments] WIPO ccTLD Best Practices
  From: Martin Cibula <>
  Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 13:39:32 +0200


Request for comments 
ccTLDs Best Practices for the Prevention and Resolution of Intellectual 
Property Disputes
In addition of WIPO formulated recommendations I would like to put into 
consideration the possibility:
1. can  the creation of national panels pursuant to UDRP be
reccomended by WIPO 
2. in section "domain  name registration agreement" in point three I miss the 
possibility of "... or potential transfer of the domain name registration by 
the ccTLD administrator"; in point six "... in the case of infringement to the 
third party intellectual property rights";  
3. to provide the full protection of personal data need for "collection and 
availibility of registrant contact details";
4. can the participation of registration authority in domain name disputes on 
the minimum level be recommended by WIPO?Best regards,Martin Cibula


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