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Summer School on Intellectual Property

The Summer School program provides an opportunity to senior students and young professionals to acquire deeper knowledge of each domain of intellectual property (IP) and of the role and functions of WIPO.

The program consists of lectures, case studies, simulation exercises and group discussions on selected IP topics, with an orientation towards the interface between IP and other disciplines.

A certificate of participation is awarded to participants who successfully complete the program requirements.

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WIPO Summer School 2015

Summer School Venue Dates Registration dates Language
WIPO-Chile Summer School on IP (WSSCL) Santiago de Chile (Chile) January 19 to 30 October 20 to November 30 Spanish
WIPO-India Summer School on IP (WSSIN) New Delhi (India) March 2 to 13 October 20 to January 20 English
WIPO-China Summer School on IP (WSSCN) Shanghai (China) May 4 to 15 October 24 to March 4 English
WIPO-Singapore Summer School on IP (WSSSG) Singapore City (Singapore) May 18 to 29 December 15 to March 15 English
WIPO-Mexico Summer School on IP (WSSMX) Mexico City (Mexico) June 1 to 12 December 15 to March 31 Spanish
WIPO-UNIGE Summer School on IP (WSSCH) Geneva (Switzerland) June 22 to July 3 December 15 to April 15 English
WIPO-Russia Summer School on IP (WSSRU) St. Petersburg (Russian Federation) July 6 to 17 December 15 to April 30 Russian
WIPO-Korea Summer School on IP (WSSKR) Daejeon (Republic of Korea) July 13 to 24 December 15 to May 15 English
WIPO-USA Summer School on Designs (WSSUS) [Topic TBC] Alexandria (United States of America) July 20 to 31 December 15 to May 15 English
WIPO-South Africa Summer School on IP and Transfer of Technology (WSSZA) Durban (South Africa) November 23 to December 4 March 31 to August 31 English

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