Academic Institutions Program

The Academic Institutions Program of the WIPO Academy offers on a yearly basis Joint Master’s Programs on Intellectual Property in cooperation with selected academic institutions in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe and Latin America. Some of these Joint Master’s Programs are organized in cooperation with sub-regional or national intellectual property administration. The curricula and syllabi of the Programs are jointly developed by the WIPO Academy and the relevant partner institution(s).

The aim of these Joint Master’s Programs is to facilitate access to higher IP education to all qualified individuals. Scholarships are also available to the qualified nationals of developing counties, LDCs and countries with economies in transition belonging to relevant public sector institutions, including universities. Such candidates who wish to receive WIPO scholarships must, in addition, be supported by the respective Governments. Interested candidates from developed countries coming from the private sector (law firms, enterprises or private universities), if admitted, must finance their tuition, accommodation and travel costs.

Courses are taught by skilled and experienced faculty members. The focus is on regional and multilateral negotiations and implementation of international conventions, taking into account the wide range in levels of development within which IP systems operate. Teaching methods include lectures, case studies, group discussions, in some cases practical training and distance learning. Participants are given the opportunity for hands-on experience through internships at WIPO, certain regional IP offices, national IP offices or in private companies.

The Academic Institutions Program also provides training opportunities for teachers of IP through the Colloquium for Teachers of Intellectual Property jointly organized with the World Trade Organization (WTO), Geneva, Switzerland.

IP Colloquium Research Papers Series

The WIPO-WTO Colloquium publications aimed at teachers, students and researchers in the field of IP, contain a selection of the best research papers from the participants of each edition of the WIPO-WTO Colloquium for Teachers of IP. The papers were reviewed by the Editorial Board and edited, formatted and coordinated by WIPO and WTO.  This series addresses Recommendations 3 and 40 of the WIPO Development Agenda.

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