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WIPO Independent Advisory Oversight Committee

The WIPO Independent Advisory Oversight Committee (IAOC) is an external expert advisory body that assists member states with oversight of WIPO’s operations.

The Committee’s mandate PDF, Mandate of the Independent Advisory Oversight Committee includes the promotion of internal controls, focusing assurance resources, and oversight of audit performance. It also reviews and oversees activities and projects, such as the Strategic Realignment Program.

Committee members serve in their personal capacity, independent of the member states that appoint them.

Committee members

  • Mr. Fernando Nikitin (Uruguay) – Chair
  • Mrs. Mary Ncube (Zambia) – Vice Chair
  • Mr. Gábor Ámon (Hungary)
  • Mr. Anol Chatterji (India)
  • Mr. Egbert Kaltenbach (Germany)
  • Mr. Nikolay Lozinskiy (Russian Federation)
  • Mr. Zhang Guangliang (China)

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