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PCT International Cooperation Division

The PCT International Cooperation Division is responsible for the development and implementation of cooperation activities vis-à-vis PCT member states (notably offices of member states in their capacities as receiving offices, international searching and preliminary examining authorities, and designated and elected offices) and states considering accession to the PCT.

These activities are carried out with a view to contributing to the efficient functioning of the PCT system and promoting a better understanding of the PCT and the patent system among offices’ staff, practitioners and users. Among others operational, technical, procedural, legal and training activities are covered.

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What we are trying to achieve

Our expected result in 2014/15 is:

  • Increased use of the PCT route for filing international patent applications.

This contributes to WIPO's Strategic Goal II: "provision of premier global IP services."

What we do

    Our activities include:

  • Engage and maintain close relations with PCT member states and states considering accession to the PCT, with a view to addressing their needs, promoting PCT mandates, improving collaboration between PCT member states, increasing PCT membership and undertaking international cooperation activities.
  • Plan, develop, coordinate and implement cooperation strategies and projects vis-à-vis PCT member states and states considering accession to the PCT.
  • Provide technical support and policy and legal advice to such states.

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