World Intellectual Property Organization

Patent Law Division

The Patent Law Division is responsible for assisting members states in the development of the international patent system, as well as with the implementation of their national and regional normative framework.

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What we are trying to achieve

Our expected results in 2014/15 are:

  • Enhanced cooperation among member states on the development of balanced international normative frameworks for IP.
  • Tailored and balanced IP legislative, regulatory and policy frameworks.

These contribute to WIPO's Strategic Goal II: "balanced evolution of the international normative framework for IP."

What we do

    Our activities include:

  • Organizing the meetings of the SCP.
  • Providing, upon request, legislative and policy advice to member states relating to patents, utility models, trade secrets, and layout designs of integrated circuits.
  • Continuing to support and assist member states with the Paris Convention, the Budapest Treaty, and the Patent Law Treaty.
  • Organizing, upon request, information meetings for member state representatives, to provide information on topics related to patent policy, law and practices. These meetings aim, among other things to: enhance the capacities of inventors (and those providing services to them) to prepare and file patent applications and promote the effective and efficient use of patents; and to address the interplay between patent law and other categories of intellectual property law, as well as between patent policy and other related policies, e.g. innovation, trade, health, foreign direct investment.


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