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Innovation Division

The Innovation Division is responsible for contributing to the better understanding and use of the IP system by SMEs; capacity building in the areas of patent strategy, usage, protection and commercialization; designing, advising on and implementing technology transfer strategies and structures for universities and research organizations; communicating and training relating to developments in innovation and IP; and developing information and strategic proposals on innovation policies relating to IP.

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  • Director: Matthew Rainey (photo on Flickr)
  • Program 30: Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Innovation (2014/15 Program and Budget PDF, Program and Budget)
  • Reporting to: DDG, James Pooley
  • Sector: Innovation and Technology

What we are trying to achieve

Our work aims to contribute to the following expected results in 2014/15:

  • Increased understanding/capacity of SMEs and SME support institutions to successfully use IP to support innovation and commercialization.
  • Facilitating enhanced access to, and use of, IP information by institutions and the public to promote innovation and creativity.
  • Contribution to national innovation and IP policies, strategies and development plans consistent with national development objectives
  • Contributing to enhanced human resource capacities able to deal with the broad range of requirements for the effective use of IP for development in developing countries, LDCs and countries with economies in transition.
  • Contributing to the design and implementation of national and regional innovation ecosystems, especially for technology transfer strategies and structures for universities and research organizations. These ecosystems focus in particular on IP commercialization, in order to meet local and regional needs.

These contribute to WIPO's Strategic Goals III: "facilitating the use of IP for development"; IV "coordination and development of global IP infrastructure"; and VII "addressing IP in relation to global policy issues".

What we do

    Our activities include:

  • Providing information, capacity building and advisory services relating to the use of the IP system to meet the needs of SMEs.
  • Designing and assisting member states in implementing innovation ecosystems among private and public organizations (including governmental), as well as strengthening interconnections and resources (networks, knowledge bases, etc) needed for IP-based commercialization, in particular to meet local and regional needs.
  • Supporting innovation infrastructure through the establishment of Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs).
  • Research on effects of IP polices on innovation, in particular in the context of studies on IP and socioeconomic development, and using such research and expert input to contribute to national projects on integrating IP into innovation policy formulation.
  • Technical assistance to inventors, and those providing services to them, to acquire the technical skills necessary to prepare and file patent applications, through technical workshops on preparing, filing, and prosecuting patent applications, patent claim design, and patent strategy.
  • Assisting member states, universities and research organizations in analyzing the needs relating to, and designing and implementing action plans for, technology transfer and IP commercialization.

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