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IP Office Business Solutions Division

The IP Office Business Solutions Division is responsible for providing services to IP institutions including Industrial Property Offices, Copyright Offices and Collective Management Organizations (CMOs), primarily in developing countries.

The services are based on IT business systems that are deployed in the institutions to enable them to provide better IP registration and management services to their own stakeholders.

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  • Director: William Meredith (photo on Flickr)
  • Program 15: Business Solutions for IP Offices (2014/15 Program and Budget PDF, Program and Budget)
  • Reporting to: ADG Yo Takagi
  • Sector: Global Infrastructure

What we are trying to achieve

Our expected results in 2014/15 are:

  • Enhanced technical and knowledge infrastructure for IP Offices and other IP institutions leading to better services (cheaper, faster, higher quality) to their stakeholders

These contribute to WIPO's Strategic Goal IV: "coordination and development of global IP infrastructure."

What we do

Our activities include:

  • Assessments of IP institutions to analyze their requirements and capabilities and to recommend appropriate solutions and project delivery models.
  • Development and support of the IPAS (Industrial Property Administration System) and related software modules for administration of IP rights, digitization and management of electronic documents and supporting functions (technical assistance).
  • Direct assistance with projects in IP institutions including project management, provision of technical expertise, capacity building, knowledge transfer.
  • Development and support of two infrastructure platforms for IP offices: WIPO CASE and DAS.
  • Business solutions to support the global collective management of copyright
  • Development and support of external web-based applications and databases. (TIGAR, WIPO GREEN, WIPO Re:Search)



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