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Patent Case Management for Judges

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9.9.10 Judgment

As in the Patents Court, many trial judgments will be reserved and handed down at a later date. The parties’ legal representatives (or litigants in person) will be provided with a copy of the draft judgment in advance of the date of handing down so that they may notify the court of typographical and obvious errors (if any). The judgment following a trial on the papers is delivered in the usual way once the judge has read the papers.

The text may be shown, in confidence, to the parties, but only for the purpose of obtaining instructions and on the strict understanding that the judgment, and its effect, are not to be disclosed to any other person or used in the public domain and that no action is to be taken (other than internally) in response to the judgment. If the parties prefer not to be shown the draft judgment on this basis, they should inform the court at the time the judgment is reserved.