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7.6.7 Damages determination

When the court proceeds to the stage for assessing damages, the plaintiff should clarify the allegations regarding the amount of damage, including the relevant statutory provision that constitutes the basis for the plaintiff’s claim for damages.263 If the plaintiff does not make any change to the statement of the claim written in the original complaint, the plaintiff should state so on this date.

The plaintiff or the defendant presents their arguments on price, quantities, costs and other matters relating to the allegedly infringing product or process that are necessary to determine the amount of damage, depending on the nature of the damages claim.264

The plaintiff will then present a document that clarifies their arguments regarding the amount of damages based on the quantities and values introduced by the plaintiff and the defendant, which could include an amendment of the amount claimed in the written complaint.265 Following this, the defendant will present a document that either acknowledges or denies the amount of damages claimed by the plaintiff. If the defendant denies the damages claim, the document has to state appropriate reasons for that denial.

If disputes remain between the parties, the court may order that an opinion of a neutral expert (to be appointed by the court) be obtained for the calculation of damages. In such a case, the parties are obliged to assist the expert witness in their calculation of damages.266

The plaintiff may then counterargue and provide supplementary evidence, and the defendant may do the same. Following this, the stage for determining damages is complete. The court will prepare its final view regarding the amount of damages. It will then conclude the preparatory proceeding and oral argument and deliver a judgment. In some cases, the court may disclose its opinion to the parties and advise them to compromise.

The methods for calculating damages are outlined below in Section 7.7.2.