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Client Records Unit (questions on International Register extracts)

All international applications based on national or regional applications or registrations should be filed using the MM2 International Application form. Forms MM1 and MM3 are no longer applicable nor available on the Madrid website.

All International Applications designating the United States of America must also include Form MM18 (Declaration of intention to use the mark).

Note: If an international application is filed using the form MM1 or MM3 on or after October 31, 2015, the application will be considered irregular under Rule 11(4)(a)(i) of the Common Regulations. If the irregularity is not remedied by the Office of origin within three months from the date of the notification of the irregularity, the international application will be considered abandoned under Rule 11(4)(b).

Forms may be sent by mail (through a postal or another delivery service) or through Contact Madrid. Forms may also be sent via the Madrid Portfolio Manager.

Please do not submit by mail a form already sent to WIPO electronically.

Communication through Contact Madrid or the Madrid Portfolio Manager is preferable.

Madrid Registry contact details.

Information about international application fees, including calculation of fees and payment methods is available under "How to file an application."

You can check the status of international registration documents using the Madrid Monitor tool. Information relating to your international application or subsequent designation is also available through Madrid Monitor (search for your mark by name, number, date, class or country, then open the mark record. Status updates are available under the Real-time Status tab).

The current status of all international registrations in force is published by WIPO in Madrid Monitor. This database contains the bibliographic data of all international registrations in force and reproductions of marks which consist of or contain special characters or figurative elements.

Information is made available free of charge and updated daily.

Digitized copies of the following notifications, received by WIPO since January 1, 2005, can also be accessed directly in Madrid Monitor in PDF format:

  • notifications of provisional refusal
  • statements of confirmation of total provisional refusal
  • statements of grant of protection following a provisional refusal
  • statements of grant of protection where no notification of provisional refusal has been communicated
  • statements indicating that the ex officio examination is completed but that a mark’s protection can still be subject to opposition or observations by third parties
  • further decisions
  • invalidation notices

Digitized copies of all documents received by WIPO for international Registrations where you are the owner or registered representative can be accessed via the Madrid Portfolio Manager.

The international registration of your mark is valid for 10 years. You can renew the registration at the end of each 10-year period directly with WIPO with effect in the designated Contracting Parties concerned. A renewal reminder letter will be sent by WIPO to the holder and representative of an international registration six months before its expiry.

The Madrid e-Renewal Service allows you to file a request for the renewal of an international registration, from three months before its expiration date until the end of the six-month grace period following this date and to pay the due fees using a Current Account at WIPO or a credit card.

For payment by bank transfer, you will need to request your renewal by submitting the form MM11 via Contact Madrid. The following information should be included in the request: the international registration number concerned, the designated Contracting Parties for which the renewal is requested and the details of the payment.

The request for the recording of a change in ownership of an international registration must be presented to WIPO on the form MM5, either directly by the recorded holder (or the recorded representative, if any), through the Office of the Contracting Party of the recorded holder, or through the Office of the Contracting Party of the new owner (the transferee).

The fee for the recording of a change in ownership is 177 Swiss francs for each international registration concerned, according to item 7 of the Schedule of Fees.

The Office of a designated Contracting Party must communicate its notification of provisional refusal within one year from the date on which it was notified of the international registration or subsequent designation by WIPO. In certain limited circumstances, Contracting Parties can opt to extend the refusal period to 18 months, or even longer. For further information on the applicable time limits, please refer to the declarations made by the Contracting Parties.

In the absence of a notification of provisional refusal within the applicable time limits, the mark is considered protected in the territory of the designated Contracting Party concerned for all the goods and services for which protection has been requested.

The procedure following the notification of a provisional refusal of protection is determined by the Office of the designated Contracting Party concerned and is carried out directly between the holder and the Office. It does not involve WIPO.

All the information required to follow up with the Office is in the notification of provisional refusal issued by the Office. This includes the grounds for refusal, time limit for requesting review or appeal, authority to which such request for review or appeal should be made and whether or not the assistance of a local representative is mandatory.

Requests must be sent to the Client Records Unit via the Contact Madrid service.

Detailed information on the different documents and delivery is available on our extracts page.

Documents are provided following payment according to the Schedule of Fees.

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