Replies to the Questionnaire on Replacement

Following the issuing of the original questionnaire, in November 2007, the International Bureau has taken the decision to redraft two of the questions contained therein, namely question No. 6, in Part III, and question No. 1, in Part IV.  The offices of the contracting parties to the Madrid Agreement and/or to the Madrid Protocol were invited, in July 2008, to reply either to the redrafted questions or to the revised questionnaire in full.

Where an office, which had already replied to the original questionnaire, chose to reply just to the two redrafted questions, those revised replies are now made available below, along with that office’s earlier replies to the original questionnaire, under columns 1(b) and 1(a) respectively. Where, however, an office replied in full to the revised questionnaire, the entire set of replies to the revised questionnaire - and those replies only - are now made available under column 2.

Replies are displayed only in the language in which they were submitted.

Contracting party Replies to the original questionnaire Replies to the redrafted questionnaire Replies to the revised questionnaire
Antigua and Barbuda  pdf    
Armenia      pdf
Australia  pdf    
Austria  pdf pdf  
Azerbaijan     pdf
Bahrain  pdf    
Belarus  pdf pdf  
Benelux  pdf    
Bosnia and Herzegovina     pdf
Bulgaria      pdf
China  pdf    
Croatia  pdf pdf  
Cuba      pdf
Cyprus  pdf pdf  
Czech Republic  pdf pdf  
Democratic People's Republic of Korea     pdf
Denmark      pdf
Estonia      pdf
European Community  pdf pdf  
Finland  pdf pdf  
France     pdf
Georgia  pdf pdf  
Germany      pdf
Greece  pdf pdf  
Hungary  pdf pdf  
Iceland  pdf    
Ireland  pdf pdf  
Italy      pdf
Japan  pdf pdf  
Kenya  pdf pdf  
Kyrgyzstan     pdf


Lithuania  pdf pdf  
Monaco     pdf
Mongolia     pdf
Morocco  pdf pdf  
Netherlands Antilles      pdf
Norway  pdf pdf  
Portugal      pdf
Republic of Korea      pdf
Republic of Moldova     pdf
Romania  pdf pdf  
Russian Federation      pdf
Serbia  pdf pdf  
Singapore  pdf    
Slovakia      pdf
Slovenia  pdf pdf  
Spain  pdf    
Sweden  pdf pdf  
Switzerland      pdf
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia  pdf pdf  
Turkey      pdf
Turkmenistan      pdf
Ukraine     pdf
United Kingdom  pdf pdf  
United States of America  pdf    
Uzbekistan  pdf    
Zambia     pdf