How to manage your international registration: Subsequent designation

To expand the geographical scope of protection of your international registration to additional Contracting Parties, please use e-Subsequent Designation or Form MM4 (paper form).

You may present Form MM4 directly to WIPO or through your Office or origin, i.e., the Office of the holder's Contracting Party.

Notifications from WIPO

WIPO will examine the subsequent designation for formalities only. If the subsequent designation complies with all formal requirements, WIPO will record it in the International Register, publish it in the WIPO Gazette of International Marks, and then notify you and the member(s) designated.

  • Sample Notification of the Recording of a Subsequent Designation PDF, Sample Notification of the Recording of a Subsequent Designation

If the subsequent designation does not comply with the formal requirements, you will receive an “irregularity notice” identifying the problem (the “irregularity”), explaining how you can remedy it within the given time limit (usually three months), and indicating what will happen if the irregularity is not remedied.

  • Sample Irregularity Notice PDF, Sample Irregularity Notice

Notifications from Offices

You will also receive notifications from the Offices you have subsequently designated – for example, a notification of a statement of grant of protection or provisional refusal.

  • Sample notification of provisional refusal PDF, Sample notification of provisional refusal
  • Sample statement of grant of protection PDF, Sample statement of grant of protection

Subsequent Designation Fees

The Fee Calculator will help you to estimate the fees payable for a subsequent designation.

Disclaimer: Fee Calculator results are based on information you have provided and the Schedule of Fees in effect at the time the estimate is generated. The estimate is provided for information purposes only. For the most accurate estimate, consult the Fee Calculator immediately before you submit a request or your payment order.

For further information on subsequent designations, refer to paragraphs B.II.32.01 to 46.01 of the Guide to the International Registration of Marks under the Madrid Agreement and the Madrid Protocol and pages 28 to 33 of "Making the most of the Madrid System". For further information on the e-Subsequent Designation, please refer to the Information Notice No. 13/2014.