WIPO Lex provides free of charge access to legal information on intellectual property (IP) from around the world.

The WIPO Lex Database is organized into three collections, consisting of IP laws and regulations, WIPO-administered treaties and IP‑related treaties, and IP judgments.

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Introducing the WIPO Lex Database


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IP Legislation by Jurisdiction

Collection of IP laws, rules, and regulations of the member states of WIPO, the World Trade Organization (WTO), and the United Nations (UN).

WIPO-WTO Common Portal

Access point for national IP offices and national trade offices of WIPO, WTO, and UN members for the submission of IP laws, rules, and regulations.


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WIPO-Administered Treaties

WIPO administers 26 treaties at the international level, touching on a wide range of IP-related topics.

IP-related Treaties Collection

Collection of IP-related treaties involving a variety of international actors.

Treaty Parties

IP-related treaties organized by Party.

Treaty Hosts

IP-related treaties organized by Host Institution.


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IP Judgments by Jurisdiction

Leading IP judgments establishing precedent or persuasive interpretations, curated by participating WIPO member states.

Judicial Administration Structure by Jurisdiction

Overview of civil, criminal and administrative court structures and competences for IP disputes.

WIPO's Work with Judiciaries

WIPO works with judges from around the world to create a space for dialogue and exchange of information and practices, to deliver capacity building activities, and to increase the availability of information about IP and courts.