Collaborative Search and Examination

Examiners from different patent offices with complementary skills may work together on the corresponding patent applications filed with those patent offices.

  • PCT Collaborative Search and Examination Pilot Project. With the aim of establishing a high quality international search report and written opinion, examiners from different International Authorities with complementary skills work together on one PCT application.
  • USPTO - JPO Collaborative Search Pilot Program. Under this program, the USPTO and JPO exchange search and evaluation results identifying the best prior art and provide a work product that incorporates the efforts of the two Offices.
  • USPTO – KIPO Collaborative Search Pilot Program. Under this program, the KIPO and the USPTO will conduct two independent searches and provide both work products to the applicant for consideration.
  • KIPO Joint Prior Art Search Program. The joint prior art search program applies to common patent applications lodged in two countries. Under this program, KIPO has been cooperating with the offices of China, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States of America, among others. Participating offices analyze the results of examinations and prior art searches, compare examination practices, and share examination know-how.