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Past events

Presentation Date Language Video Presentation

Madrid Monitor will soon become WIPO’s only tool for tracking your international trademark application or registration, replacing ROMARIN and other existing monitoring e-services. Participants learn how to follow the status of all international trademarks registered through the Madrid System. You’ll also get step-by-step instructions and tips on how to make the most of Madrid Monitor’s features and benefits.

This webinar was designed for trademark administrators, representatives, as well as current or prospective users of the Madrid System.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to set up Madrid Monitor e-alerts for any mark? Or can I only receive alerts for my own marks?

You can set up e-alerts for any trademark registered through the Madrid System, not only your own. Use our video tutorials to learn more and find out how to set up e-alerts.

Is it mandatory to add an image when using the image search function in Madrid Monitor?

Yes – you must add an image to use the Image Search function.

How much does it cost to use Madrid Monitor?

Madrid Monitor is available free of charge.

Is it possible to set up e-alerts for an international application, or is this service only available for International Registrations?

The e-alert feature is available only for International Registrations (trademarks registered through the Madrid System).

Is it possible to use Madrid Monitor to search “national trade names” (i.e., names that are not registered trademarks) if such information is available from a national trademark office?

Madrid Monitor gives you access to the collection of trademarks registered with WIPO under the Madrid System. For national collections of trademarks or trade names, you should refer to the national database of each country of interest to you, or to WIPO's Global Brand Database if the collections you are interested in are included.

Use the Member Profiles Database to find out if a country of interest has a national database available online.

Find out if a country or market of interest is included in WIPO’s Global Brand Database.

What is the connection between the improvements made to Madrid Monitor and the end of the ROMARIN database?

Madrid Monitor is the new search tool that replaced ROMARIN on January 1, 2018. ROMARIN is no longer available. Madrid Monitor is the new and most effective way of accessing information on all marks registered through WIPO’s Madrid System and recorded in the Madrid System’s register of international registrations.

2017.11.14 English play PDF, Making the most of Madrid Monitor, presentation

This webinar, presented by representatives from the IP Offices of Australia and Singapore, provides an overview of the practices and procedures of both offices. Participants gain an understanding of the elements and concepts involved when designating Australia and Singapore in an international application, and learn more about each office’s substantive examination practices and procedures. Resources offered help participants learn to avoid or overcome provisional refusals when seeking protection in Australia and/or Singapore.

This webinar was designed for holders and representatives, legal professionals and other IP specialists.

2017.11.10 English play PDF, Examination and refusal procedures in the IP offices of Australia and Singapore, presentation

Understanding the international application process is a first step in obtaining an international trademark registration. This webinar offers insights into the examination of the international application by WIPO, including a review of the international application form (MM2), and tips on how to minimize the risk of errors and irregularities. Participants gain an understanding of the various stages leading from application to registration.

This webinar was designed for applicants, trademark owners and their representatives, paralegals, and IP administrators.

2017.11.08 English play PDF, International Registration Procedures, presentation

Understanding the Madrid application process is a first step in obtaining an international trademark registration. Avoiding errors and common mistakes when filing your application can greatly facilitate the certification process by your national trademark Office, as well as the international registration process by WIPO.

This webinar offers insights into the international application system and provides trademark holders and businesses in China with practical tips to effectively complete the international application form (MM2).

2017.09.29 Chinese play PDF, The international application: completing official Form MM2, presentation

The number of Chinese enterprises using the Madrid System to seek trademark protection abroad is increasing rapidly. Effective use of Madrid e-services can provide greater control over the process of filing an international application and managing an international trademark portfolio. This webinar is designed to provide an in-depth look at the online tools and resources available to help you complete a pre-filing search for existing trademarks, as well as the e-services for filing and monitoring an international trademark application.

Learn how to use Madrid e-services to best serve your needs and the needs of your clients.

2017.09.28 Chinese play PDF, Filing e-Services and tools, presentation

Understanding the basic legal features of the Madrid System is essential to successfully navigate through the international trademark registration and management process. 

This webinar discusses the main provisions of the Madrid Protocol and the Common Regulations, providing legal professionals with the foundation required to participate in future webinars on more detailed aspects of the Madrid System.

2017.09.27 English play PDF, Overview of the legal aspects of the Madrid System, presentation

Preparing a list of goods and services is an essential component of your international trademark registration. Participants benefit from expert guidance on how to use Madrid Goods & Services Manager including: using the browse and search functions effectively, drafting an acceptable list, confirming approval of terms by WIPO and participating Madrid members, importing and exporting a list, and more.

This webinar is designed for trademark applicants and their representatives, as well as national IP Offices.

2017.06.29 English play PDF, How to use Madrid Goods & Services Manager, presentation

Understanding the Madrid application process is a first step in obtaining an international trademark registration. This webinar offers insights into the international application system, outlining the roles played by the applicant, WIPO and the Office of origin, and providing an overview of fees.

Learn more about completing an application form (MM2), and access insider tips on how to avoid delays and common mistakes that could impact the trademark registration process.

2017.06.27 English play PDF, Preparing your international application, presentation

Effective use of Madrid e-services can provide greater control over the management of your international trademark portfolio. This webinar provides both legal and business professionals an in-depth look at the online tools and resources available as you search, file, monitor and manage an international trademark registration.

Learn how best to use Madrid e-services to effectively serve the needs of your clients.

Frequently asked questions

Do you need to have a WIPO Account to set up e-alerts with Madrid Monitor?

Yes, a WIPO account is necessary. You can create an account online.

Once you create a Madrid Portfolio Manager account, can you add previously filed/registered marks?

Yes, you can add any trademarks registered through the Madrid System. Please send your request through the Contact Madrid form, and be sure to include a list of all International Registration Numbers you would like to add.

Is it possible to review the status of a WIPO Current Account with Madrid Monitor or Madrid Portfolio Manager?

No, you cannot check your Current Account status or balance using Madrid Monitor or Madrid Portfolio Manager. However, you can check your Current Account balance and view transactions by logging on to your Current Account online using the username and password provided at the time you open the account. Learn more about the WIPO Current Account, including how to open one.

Is it possible to pay e-Renewal fees via bank transfer? Or can fees only be paid by credit card or WIPO Current Account?

At the moment, you can only pay your renewal (or subsequent designation) fees online by credit card or using a WIPO Current Account. Bank transfer is not available.

In what languages are Madrid e-services available?

Our e-services are available in English, French and Spanish (the official languages of the Madrid System).

2017.06.22 English play PDF, How to use Madrid e-services effectively, presentation