Transcript from the Video Interview with Daimler on the Madrid system

"We have the most famous trademarks which is the Mercedes trademarks evaluated at 21 billions of US Dollars. The trademark is a seal and a sign of quality of goods and services manufactured or offered by companies.

Whenever we have to decide where to protect a trademarks we definitely choose the Madrid system as the most effective and most easy system to handle our trademark registration.

It is well functioning system a very good tool to lower the administrative work and the administrative fees for a huge trademarks portfolio.

The Daimler trademarks portfolio consists of more than 37 000 trademarks filed or registered worldwide. When handling a trademark portfolio of the size of Daimler Company you have to make sure that you handle this trademark portfolio in the most efficient and safest way.

The greatest advantage of the Madrid system is that the administration and the handling of trademark portfolio are made easier. For example, if you are filing a trademark in a multitude of countries all over the world, the Madrid system gives you the good opportunity to file with one request a trademark covering more than 77 countries in a very quick and efficient manner. You can file with one authority that is WIPO in Geneva by using only specified languages for your application. It is easy and cost effective, since you only have to file and to pay a basic filing fee and registration fee plus individual fees for each country covered for your trademark.

By doing this, you save at least three fourth of the money you have to pay if would go with the national way, with appointing representatives, paying local registration and application fees. So it is just the single and unique approach with one authority which makes the Madrid system so valuable for the trademarks owners.

If you are handling a trademark portfolio and new member states will adhere to the Madrid system, the so-called subsequent designation give very good chance to extend your trademark protection to these new adhering countries.

I think the Madrid system is a very powerful system and very easy to use for trademarks applicants".